Thursday, December 22, 2011

enya holiday party

Kurt and I recently attended the Emerging New York Architects Holiday Party at the Domus Design Collection Showroom. Unfortunately, they were only serving two varieties of absinthe cocktail. We both got a "mojito" but it wasn't very good :( While laboring through our drinks, we wandered around the showroom taking pictures.

Kurt doesn't take pictures quickly and I don't sit still, so this is the best one of me from this series. (2012 Resolution: Try not to look like a crazy person in photos.)

Really interesting art on the wall where the artist photographed the tags in clothing.

Maybe we are lame party goers or maybe the party wasn't that fun. Either way, we left after one (questionable) drink. When you are cheap and search out free events, I guess they can't all be winners. Thanks anyway, ENYA! I won't hold this one against you :)


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