Monday, December 5, 2011

film biz prop shop: part ii

Remember my first post about the Film Biz Prop Shop? Well, I waited until the last possible moment to cash in my coupon. It's not that I am a pure procrastinator. I made many, many trips to the shop to scope things out but was never quite ready to pull the trigger. Transporting things home is always a challenge too, so that just complicated things making me put the whole ordeal off longer. I thought I had figured things out perfectly with the rental car from Thanksgiving, but it ended up not working out, so I roped Kurt into helping me haul stuff on his bike trailer.

Beverly Hillbilly style! I swear I get more use out of that bike trailer than the boys actually do. Kurt is really taking a vacation next time I move.

So, here is what we got:

For all his hard work, I let Kurt pick out a couple things for himself. He chose the green bottle to store his olive oil. He stole the stopper on the white bottle and I kept the base as a vase.

Some glasses to add to my random collection* and basic glass bowls.

I'm really excited about this box. I think it is a recipe holder, but I have plans to keep my stationery there. Maybe I will be more on the ball about writing notes :)

Now, here comes the chair brigade. I spent the majority of my coupon on additional seating for my apartment. This folding chair is currently silver, but I plan on painting it a different color. So far I am planning to use the same blue that I painted my bathroom stripes.

I love this little metal chair. I like to think of him as my Starter Bertoia. I want to recover the seat in a patterned fabric with a little more padding but might leave the metal frame as is. I like the natural wear of the paint and the frame is in good shape.

Then I also got this awesome wooden arm chair. It's pretty solid, so I might leave the frame and just recover the seat. He had a twin at the store but I opted to just get one*.

* While browsing around the Film Biz store, we came across several pieces that had many items in a set but I only wanted one. Kurt got so mad! I don't think he appreciates how I like to "acquire" things in a piecemeal fashion and calls it "hodge podge". I don't see myself having a perfectly matching eight piece set of anything right now, so why bother having two or three? I want my home to have this feel of being collected over time because that's how I am putting it together. Kurt can just get over it :)

I promise chair updates as they get makeovers!


  1. I would like to see where in Kurt's apartment there is a set of anything except some stools that did not come with the plastic table or Foosball table before that:)


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