Monday, December 19, 2011

hill country chicken

Our dear, sweet German friend, Johanna, will be returning to the motherland this week. Before she departs, we are trying to expose her to some undeniably American things. Kurt and I decided to take her to Hill Country Chicken near the Flatiron for some good fried chicken.

The interior is super retro and kitschy. The staff is really nice and friendly even at the mad lunch rush. One thing I missed out on was the fountain soda machine by Boylan. I'm a sucker for a good Diet Coke with ice, but have never seen a non-Coca Cola/Pepsi fountain machine. I must go back and try it!

The place was pretty crowded for lunch so we ended up in the extra seating area downstairs. It is outfitted like a rec room from the 60s, complete with wall paneling and board games.

I decided to try the chicken tenders with honey mustard, a biscuit, and pickles. Not quite Chick-fil-a but a reasonable substitute :) Also on my list to try is Hill Country (the original) for some good barbecue and mac and cheese!

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  1. Maybe if/when we do Hill Country v1.0 we can invite Christian...does he read this?


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