Wednesday, December 28, 2011

holiday dinner party

Before everyone went their separate ways for the holidays, I decided I wanted to throw some sort of party. I rarely have people over to my apartment but decided it was high time to show it off, especially since I now have lots of seating! However, I wasn't quite ready to commit myself to a full dinner party or having tons of people in my tiny space for many hours. After reading a couple posts about progressive dinners (here and here), I decided it would be a perfect balance of fun without being too overwhelming for one long as I could convince some other friends to help out! 

As you can see from the invitation I made, we started with wine and cheese at my apartment. I felt a little like I took the easy way out, but since I live a little farther away from the other hosts, I think it was best to start there.

I thought Kurt (ahem, blog photographer) might have gotten a few more photos of my spread while I played host, but this was about all I could find. I had many cheeses, crackers, nuts and pretzels in a cute layout on my enormous table. I even tried something new and made a feta ball. It was yummy but definitely has some strong flavors. You've been warned.

As for wine, I was a big spender and got each variety of Trader Joe's Three Buck Chuck (minus the white zinfandel). In order to disguise my frugality and add a little decoration to the party, I made adhesive labels for all the wine bottles. Instead of thinking I was cheap, all my guests just thought I was crazy and have too much time on my hands. Sigh. In my defense, I blatantly stole the design from A House in the Hills (she offered it up for public use!). Regardless, I thought they were fun, albeit a tad overboard :)

Aubie had no idea what to do with so many people in our apartment. He's not one to hide under the bed though and was surprisingly social. 

Next, we made the hike to Chris and Pilar's apartment for appetizers. Pilar had to work until right before the party and left Chris in charge of all the cooking. He made mini baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, chicken and waffles, and deviled eggs. OMG, it was all delicious! I have to get his recipe for deviled eggs. I could have eaten a dozen on my own.

I wish we had gotten a close-up of Chris's bite size chicken and waffles. He used quartered frozen waffles as the base, topped them with a breaded chicken tender, and placed a single blackberry on top. So yummy and pretty!

Chris and Pilar are so festive with their Christmas tree!

Next, we made the short trek to Kurt and Erik's apartment. They were assisted by Jenn's roommate, Will, and tackled the evening's entree. Kurt and Will spent the majority of the day smoking a ton of meat. I'm not even sure what animals were involved, but they covered them in a delicious sauce and rub and we devoured every piece. Sides of veggies and rice rounded out our meal and helped feed our lone vegetarian (you really missed out on that meat, Michele!!).

Yum! You would think we would all be stuffed (almost!) but there is still one more stop left on the route.

Last but not least, we crossed the hall to Jenn's apartment for dessert. She single handedly tackled some roasted fruit and ice cream. If I trust dessert to anyone, it's Jenn, and she definitely did not disappoint. After truly reaching our food and drink limit, we settled into Jenn's living room for several intense rounds of Catch Phrase. 

I think the Progressive Dinner was quite a success! Thank you to everyone who hosted and all those who attended. I can't wait to do it again!


  1. this looks so fun! i might steal this idea.

  2. We also had Jazzmam rice from Will's farm in Louisiana!

    Great recap, I had wine and cheese to snack on and peeps to chat with, sorry about the limited pics.

  3. Just loved reading about holiday dinner party. Gratitude for sharing these details here. I really enjoyed our last week’s family dinner bash too. My cousin had hosted this bash at local indoor event space San Francisco and everything was just epic.


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