Tuesday, December 27, 2011

hurry back, sweet german

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Johanna from Germany the past several months. Kurt's brother Erik met her during his exchange program in Italy and she had been in NYC doing an internship at the Leo Baeck Institute.

Sadly, after already extending her stay longer than originally planned, she finally had to leave us and return to Germany to finish her thesis. Kurt, Erik, and I decided to take her for a going away dinner at Two Boots in Brooklyn.

Isn't Johanna adorable?! We always joked that she is the "worst German ever" because she is so sweet and soft spoken. She definitely doesn't fit our typical stereotype of rigidity and harshness. 

More proof, she got Kurt and Erik a gift to say thank you. When she first arrived in the states, we introduced her to pickle back shots, so she got them a bottle of bourbon and jar of pickles. She is too nice!

We are going to miss Johanna but she swears she loves NYC and is planning to return for good once she graduates. In March, she will be moving to Paris for several months for another internship type program. You better believe Kurt and I are already trying to figure out how to visit her. Paris in May?! Oui!! Si vous plait!!


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