Thursday, December 15, 2011

the (not exactly) mtv party

Well, it was a party held at the MTV studios, but it was actually hosted by Shaw Carpet and was somehow connected to VH1's Save the Music Foundation. Thanks for the invite, Hendy! Sorry you couldn't make it!

The MTV building is smack in the middle of Times Square. It was monsoon-ing that evening, so we didn't spend anytime on the roof terrace which Kurt labeled as "needing work". I can't imagine working in Times Square everyday. I have a feeling all the people and blinding billboards would get to me.

Luckily we were safe inside with mini hamburgers (and many other yummy treats) and a free full bar.

We parked ourselves near the kitchen so we would be the waiters' first stop on their route. Who doesn't love mini cupcakes?

Not much of the decor really screamed MTV but I did love this huge wall covered in metal beads. Pardon my weird hand modeling. We decided the wall would best be captured with some interaction. It must have been pretty expensive and time consuming to install!

Once again, thanks to Kurt for being the official blog photographer! Isn't he getting good? Like how Christian's screwdriver is perfectly in focus in the foreground while Christian himself is blurry in the background? Expert! Pretty soon he's going to start charging for his services!

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