Thursday, December 8, 2011

sea witch

I hate to admit it to him, but Kurt's neighborhood is slowly increasing in hipness. I feel like there is a new bar or restaurant popping up weekly. I recently walked by this quirky storefront and was surprised to see a shiny new bar inside.

Since we have to stay on top of all the neighborhood happenings, we decided to check out the Sea Witch as the beginning of a mini South Park Slope bar crawl.

I'm a big fan of the light fixture as you enter the front door. They also have a food menu written on the chalk wall in the vestibule. I think the future plan is to have a walk up window here where people can order burgers and fries etc.

Sorry for the dark pictures. Bars are hard to capture. The interior of the bar is pretty interesting. Everything has a bit of a nautical spin without being too cheesy. It's almost, dare I say, ironic? Yep, that's a fish tank behind the bar.

Some interesting art on the walls. Guests are encouraged to interpret the symbolism of the mural. I think our group decided on something about the battle between Good and Evil.

So far, Jenn and I are fans of the Sea Witch. The vibe is fun and the food is cheap--something we can't say for all the other new places in the hood. They also have a promising back yard for when the most wonderful time of the year returns (i.e. spring/summer). And since it is only a block away from his apartment, I doubt even homebody Kurt can complain :)

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