Wednesday, December 7, 2011

women in architecture party

Ah, the holiday party circuit has officially begun. Some people like to take this time of year to celebrate the holidays with their close friends and family. Instead, Jenn and I like to find as many free events to attend as we can fit in our calendars. Organizations tend to go all out for their holiday parties and we aren't about to miss out on that!

Jenn recently invited a friend and me to the Women in Architecture's holiday party where they were honoring all the recently licensed female architects in the city. The party was held at the GE Monogram Showroom in the A&D Buiding. Events there are always amazing because they have an in-house chef that makes the most delicious hors d'ourves.

Jenn got called to the front with the other honorees and was forced to say a few impromptu words. I played the role of mom (although not one of those pushy pageant moms, hence my oblique shot) and tried to get a photo of her moment of glory.

Then we spent the rest of the evening enjoying free wine. Here, Jenn shows off her sparkly shoes whilst pretending to cook. The showroom manager caught us taking this shot and asked if they could use it in their next brochure! Work it, Jenn! 

Congratulations on being a real ARCHITECT, Jenn! You make me feel like such a slacker. Your success is slowly shaming me into getting started on my tests though. Expect lots of questions, whining, and tears down the road. Hopefully I can say a few awkward words at the WIA Holiday Party in a couple years!


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