Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: a year in review

Happy New Year! As we welcome in 2012 with open arms (and I begrudgingly accept turning 26 yesterday), it's fun to look back at the past year and remember all the fun things that happened in 2011.

In January, I turned 25, my beloved Auburn Tigers won the National Championship, I moved into a new room in my old apartment, and it snowed relentlessly.

In February, the snow continued, I saw the Pioneer Woman, we held a spaghetti fundraiser, and changed my life by getting an iPhone.

In March, we had a visit from an old friend which led to three days of partying, I had jury duty, Kurt and I saw Steve Martin, and oh yeah, it kept snowing.

In April, Kurt and I visited Alabama for a wedding (where Kurt learned to eat crawfish), saw Explosions in the Sky play at Radio City, I stalked Stacy London, and we took part in the Lemon Off.

In May, I moved into my very own teeny studio apartment which proceeded to occupy my entire month...well, until we were finally blessed with some nice weather and I got my first taste for Rockaway Beach.

In June, I went to town decorating my apartment, my mom and sister visited, I saw a polo match, attended a sweet wedding, and helped plan the Beer Can Party.

In July, we took a trip to Boston, caught a glimpse of Manhattanhenge, and survived a night of camping.

In August, we survived a hurricane, Kurt and I went to Chicago and Ohio, and we had some fabulous visitors here in Brooklyn.

In September, my parents visited NYC, Kurt turned 30, and we took a trip to Utah.

In October, we took a trip to Montreal, ate lots of beets, took a peek inside the TWA Terminal, I spent some time in Alabama, and it snowed on Halloween.

In November, we watched the marathon, I attended a fun blogger party, and we traveled to West Virginia for Thanksgiving.

In December, Kurt and I took a cooking class, I attended countless holiday parties, and we made a valiant effort to use all our beer book coupons.

Phew! What a year!! Thanks for reading. I hope 2012 is even better!


  1. I love the recap. I bet it was fun to re-remember all of the fun things you did in 2011. Happy New Year!

  2. What. A. Year.

    Love the recap...we seriously did so much!


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