Thursday, January 5, 2012

the final beer book attempt

Phew! The beer book journey is finally complete (see previous outings here, here, and here). While we sadly did not cash in all our coupons, we came pretty close. I was impressed at our effort! 

The boys came straight from the Pinstripe Bowl, so we met for dinner at Pedro's in DUMBO (73 Jay Street) before hitting the bars.

Our first stop was at reBar, 147 Front Street. When I first moved to NYC and didn't really have any friends, Jenn and I had our first "date" here. Man, have we come a long way! :) I drank a Southern Tier Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale. I swear it tastes like pumpkin eggnog.

Next, we walked over to The Brazen Head, 228 Atlantic Avenue. I used to go to the YMCA across the street but had never been inside the bar before. When I used to work out on the treadmill, I would always think how I would rather be chilling out in that bar with a good beer instead of sweating my butt off while running. So much for motivation, right? Jenn and I both tried the Sawtooth Ale from the Left Hand Brewing Company.

Finally, we wrapped up at Bar Great Harry, 280 Smith Street. Several of us had the Penn Gold from the Penn Brewery. It was a nice and light way to finish out the evening.

I think we used 25 out of 30 beer coupons throughout the year (mainly in the latter part too). A valiant effort! Unfortunately, we haven't heard any news from Brokelyn about a 2012 beer book :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. It was such a great deal and got us to explore new places!

(Not to toot my own horn, but I took all these photos myself on my amazing new camera. I hope you enjoyed!)


  1. So this is how you deliver the axe to your 'former' blog photographer, as a practical footnote at the end of a post?!

  2. i just started getting into beer this year, but i want to appreciate the finer beers so i can do fun stuff like this!

    happy 2012!

  3. Your camera IS really great! I normally don't even bother taking mine to dark bars! If they do a beer book for 2012 my husband is SO on it.


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