Friday, January 6, 2012

new year's eve

Happy 2012!

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This year we decided to stay in and throw a party. Jenn and Kurt (whose apartments are across the hall from one another--Friends style) were kind enough to offer up space for the festivities. While I wouldn't exactly call it low key, it was a nice alternative to spending loads of money at a bar.

What party is complete without a champagne tower?! Luckily, many guests brought a bottle of bubbly to share. Unfortunately, not a single one was the same, so they all got mixed together in the tower. We're just classy like that (as is the can of PBR next to the champagne tower). Thanks to Thomas and Paul for being expert pourers! The product of your steady hands was the hit of the party. It was such a fun way to prepare for the countdown to midnight.

Check out Jenn's post for all the yummy food at the party!

Besides food and drink, there was lots of flannel...

...good times with friends...

...and lots of dancing. The neighbors weren't too happy with us. A few minutes after the ball dropped, Kurt and Jenn were kind enough to round up a candle and a cupcake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. I was slightly uncomfortable being the center of attention for a few moments, but it was very nice of everyone to chime in. Thanks guys!!

We also had a wall of resolutions hung between Kurt and Jenn's front doors. Party guests could write down their goals for the year for everyone to see. Some were serious. Most were funny. And somehow a few caricatures and devotionals made their way up there.

I generally don't try to make resolutions because I've broken far too many by February in past years. However, I was coerced convinced to write on the board that I vow to find some attractive, single gentlemen for several unattached lady friends. Currently working on that one. If you know of any fitting candidates, send them my way!

Surprisingly, the next day cleanup wasn't too terrible. We were left with quite a collection of champagne bottles though. Check out that variety! 

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and have been enjoying the fresh start of 2012. Winter has finally decided to show up to the party here in NYC (13 degrees one morning this week!) so I plan on spending the weekend indoors trying to stay warm!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed singing happy birthday for you with everyone! Highlight of my night w/o doubt.


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