Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pinstripe bowl

Now I typically only post things that I do myself, but I was supposed to attend the Pinstripe Bowl until about an hour before the game. There was a snafu with tickets and I figured Kurt's friend, Thomas, would appreciate seeing the bowl game more than I would, so I gave up my spot. Instead, I hung out with Aubie at Kurt's apartment and sort of watched the game on TV. Regardless, I thought it was blog worthy!

The past couple years, Yankee Stadium has hosted a college football bowl game. This year, Rutgers was taking on Iowa State.

Kurt found a good deal on tickets, so he, Erik, and Thomas enjoyed the game from way high up in the stadium.

The football field just barely fits in the baseball diamond.

One of the things Kurt was most excited about was making a sign and trying to get on TV. A coach from Iowa State will be at Ohio State next year and Kurt wanted to give him a warm Buckeye welcome. The cameramen didn't give him too much attention though, so I don't think Tom got the message.

Apparently, the game was pretty boring but the boys had fun regardless. I'll stick to my warm weather, sundress appropriate football games, thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Not even Iowa State fans know who Tom Herman is...RIDICULOUS!!!

    I'm really sorry about the ticket snafu.


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