Monday, February 27, 2012

fashion, food, and surprise diy

The past week as been a random assortment of activities. I enjoy seeing seven days cover such a spread :)

Jenn and I had plans to get together one day this week when I ran across an open invitation from Mara on A Blog About Love to a mini fashion course here in Brooklyn. (Mara and her husband keep the sweetest and most uplifting blog. I highly suggest checking it out!) I was a little intimidated about it being held at a Mormon church (I don't think I've ever been to one!) but everyone there could not have been more welcoming and lovely. Mara (here in the yellow) has got to be the sweetest person ever (and isn't she gorgeous?! I'm dying for her curls!) and made sure we felt right at home.
Plus, we got some awesome fashion tips! Mara invited Marina, a personal shopper from J. Crew, to come share some of her valuable style knowledge with us. She taught us all about her style basics, including scarves and belts and necklaces and even how to roll your sleeves fashionably! I can't wait to try out all her advice. If you are ever in NYC, you should definitely visit Marina at the Rockefeller Center J. Crew. Thanks again, Mara and Marina!

Somehow I completely missed that Mardi Gras was this week :( Where have I been?! Luckily, Jenn and I were able to take part in National Margarita Day instead. After the style event we headed to Pacifico for delicious Blood Orange and Pomegranate Margaritas with Nachos and Quesadillas. Yum.

At work this week I did some running around to different sites around the city. A contractor took us to see some windows at the most gorgeous studio apartment ever. Think I can convince my landlord to install some decorative paneling, slick walnut floors, and steel casement windows in my dinky apartment? Sigh.

Jenn and I also attended a happy hour put on by ENYA at Technogym. If you are ever in need of fancy, Italian workout equipment, give them a look-see.

All in the same day, I received this fun hat from Kurt and this awesome infinity scarf handmade by Jenn's mom. Is someone trying to tell me I am grossly unprepared to live in the Northeast? Too bad winter is pretty much over (or never really showed up?) so these babies might get retired pretty soon. Thank you, Kurt and Mrs. Dunn! 

(Btw, its really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. I feel like a big nerd.)

Kurt has abandoned me for his annual week-long ski trip out west, so Aubie and I were able to fit in lots of study/sleep time this weekend. 

Actually, Aubie's preferred method of studying is completely obscuring anything I am trying to read. Those thumbs are hard to argue with!

Some time months ago when Kurt was booking the aforementioned ski trip, I decided I wanted to makeover his bathroom while they are gone and have this awesome HGTV-esque reveal when they return next Saturday. (Ugh, when you see the before pictures you will see why.) I think I planned this process way before I started studying for my ARE and had lots of free time. Before Kurt left, I tried to break it to him that it might not happen because I was kind of busy. He and his brother seemed really I guess I'm doing a makeover this week! I bought some supplies today and hope I can get it all done by the time they return. There might be an all-nighter on Friday!

I've found a new go-to recipe. (I promises it is more appetizing than it looks.) I love quiches but try to limit how often I make them because the crust is so fattening and full of butter. I've tried going the crustless route, but it just robs the quiche of everything appealing. My mom often sends me little recipe pamphlets and recently forwarded one put out by Bisquick. One night Kurt convinced me to make dinner (which always sends me into a panic) so I turned to this book for ideas. I actually had eggs and milk (which is rare) so I decided to adapt the recipe for Impossibly Easy Bacon Pie. (Of course I don't own Bisquick, so that made it a little less easy, but the internet is swimming with substitutions. I use 1/2 cup flour, 3/4 teaspoons baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 2 teaspoons cold butter for this recipe.) I call it my Pseudo-Quiche. Yes, the recipe still has eggs, milk, and a little butter but I usually omit the bacon and try to stash as many veggies inside as possible. It's really flexible with whatever you have on hand. The flour mixture somehow makes the eggs fluffy and light and delicious. Try it!

Speaking of eating healthier, I'm on a new kick. Believe me, I am not that girl that tries every new fad diet. I'm not even the girl that tries any diet really. However, I am coming to terms with being mindful of the things I put in my body and how they make me feel. I've been reading lots of stuff lately about Apple Cider Vinegar. Some people put it on their face for clear skin. Others drink a little ACV cocktail once or twice a day and rave about the benefits. I'm trying out the latter route. I've been diluting two tablespoons of ACV (make sure you get the one with "the mother" in it....even though it just sounds gross) in a glass of water in the morning and evening. I don't love the taste of vinegar to begin with, so its been not-so-pleasant so far, but I'm hoping to stick with it. I'm only a couple days in, so the results are inconclusive. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

I hope you all have a great (leap) week! 

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  1. Oh my goodness. The cat paws! So cute. And keep us posted on the apple cider vinegar - I'm curious!


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