Monday, February 20, 2012

visitors, a birthday, and lots of food

Weekly wrap-up!

Valentine's Day French Onion Soup and Brie and Cheddar Biscuits crafted by moi.

Drinks at Vu Bar near the Empire State Building.

Delicious Neapolitan pizza at Numero 28 in the West Village.

Dinner at Building on Bond. Birthday boys wear ties.

Birthday celebration for Kurt's brother, Erik. Drinks at 61 Local and flourless chocolate cake by the multi-talented Jenn. I supplied the candles :)

Touring Brooklyn with out of towners. Coffee at Sweet Wolf's followed by a meandering stroll to Brooklyn Bridge Park. If every NYC winter can be this mild, I might never have to leave :)


  1. why are all the guys growing beards?! Joey is doing the same thing right now - much to my chagrin!

  2. No. 28 is the best. Not only are all of the employees legit Italians, the clientele are Italian as well. Best Italian-style pizza in NYC.

    Alan didn't get credit for his spontaneous decision to buy his flight for Friday morning on Thursday night!

    Beards are awesome.

  3. Did you see the giant Lite Brite inside Building on Bond? It always puts a smile on my face when I pass it!

    I had never heard of Sweet Wolf's; I'm going to check it out for sure! Speaking of recommendations - any interest in doing a NYC Diary for Embarrassment of Riches?

  4. your french onion soup looks divine - as do the biscuits - must give them a try!


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