Friday, February 3, 2012

wia @ lefroy brooks

Man, this not blogging thing is rough. I miss the interwebs and, between you and me, I'm not even getting a ton of studying done anyway. Boo. It's so hard to get back in the routine of studying when school isn't your main priority. Life+work+social outings+exam prep=not enough hours in the day. Hopefully when I actually schedule a test, a studying fire will be lit under my ass. Until then, I will slowly dip my toes in the ARE waters and try to keep you filled in on all the other fun thing going on.

Recently I attended a Happy Hour put on by Women in Architecture at the Lefroy Brooks showroom. Yes, that is me in a bathtub. I'll let you know if they want to use it for promotional material. I may abandon my dream of being an architect and just dive straight into commercial modeling :)

I want Kurt's parents to use some sort of antler/taxidermy (real or fake, I'm not picky) in their new ski condo in West Virginia where we visited for Thanksgiving

The event was supposed to be for "speed mentoring" but was more for socializing and networking--with wine and cheese, of course. Jenn, Hendy, and I were able to catch up on recent happenings alongside some pretty plumbing fixtures.

Across the street from Lefroy Brooks is the Mondrian SoHo. I think it is a restaurant (or maybe a hotel) but they have an amazing garden in front. I rarely come down to the obscure streets of SoHo/Chinatown but there are some really cool pockets of interesting things and very little traffic. Quiet, cobblestone side streets are the best!

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