Monday, March 5, 2012

decorating, running, and yummy food

I wish my life could exist of those things alone. 

Like I mentioned last week, while Kurt and his brother were out of town skiing, I was going to redecorate their bathroom. Well, I did it! After a week of running around like crazy gathering supplies and a very late night of painting, it pretty much came together. There are still a few touch ups to be done and a few additional elements, but I am pretty happy with the end result. And the boys approve! I hope to have a full rundown of the makeover this week. Stay tuned.

I ran my third annual Coogan's 5K on Sunday. 

It was very cold and very early. My headband got a "War Eagle!" though!

It's hard to take pictures while running but I wanted to show how the front runners are coming down the home stretch while us slow pokes are barely at a quarter mile. Granted, they started a little earlier but I feel like a 5K is a stroll through the park for them. They are crazy fast!

Eventually, the crowd was just us normal runners and we all commiserated on the hilly course together. I've decided my spring/summer running regimen is going to focus on hills because they always kick my butt.  

The race is so fun because every couple blocks there is a band and lots of fans cheering you on. It's no marathon but I love to see all the support.

Jenn and Majo at the finish line. We all made pretty good time!

Our tradition after running the 5K is to consume three times as many calories as we just burned at some of the amazing restaurants in Harlem. We particularly target chicken and waffles, so this year we hit up Melba's.

The last couple years we've gone to Amy Ruth's which is also delicious but Melba's is a bit swankier. We were lucky to slip in with the early church crowd and only had to wait a little while for a table. I hope we didn't stand out too much in our grubby running clothes. However, my Auburn headband got some more attention although this time by an Alabama grad! Even though she assailed my ears with her "Roll Tide" she was super sweet and just moved to the city. I tell you, the South is taking over NYC :)

Mmmmmm! A huge plate of fried chicken with three cute eggnog waffles. Heaven. Early morning + tough run + food coma = falling asleep on the train home and taking a generous nap in the afternoon. I wish every Sunday could be like this.

In other news, there have been a few new additions to the Gravytrain household:

Besides fixing up Kurt's apartment, I added this beauty to my bathroom. I am so ready for summer!

My iPhone got a little fancier. Society6 was offering free shipping and I couldn't resist.

Kurt brought me back Whiskey from his ski trip! It's from the Roughstock Distillery in Bozeman, Montana. Apparently I need to get an ice cube tray so I can offer this on the rocks to all my guests. I guess I should acquire a taste for whiskey too :) Thanks, Kurt!


  1. Thanks for your hard work and design/decorating expertise one our bathroom! Can we get some sort of Eagle Scout nod in there?

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed with your running! Good for you! And those waffles - yum.

  3. i really like how you painted the cabinet! and i am jealous of all your fashion week escapades


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