Tuesday, April 10, 2012

happy feaster!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Here's what happened in the past week or so:

ASLA awards ceremony followed by drinks at Vu Bar under the Empire State Building.

Kurt and I had a date night during the week. We began with drinks at the rooftop bar at Hotel le Bleu in Brooklyn. Great views of the sunset! We were the only souls there.

After drinks, we went for thai food at the new Sai Thai in Park Slope. We were the only ones there too! It's so strange for places to be so quiet! However, we got excellent service and I rekindled my love for green tea ice cream, so it was a good night :)

I'm drowning in tile samples at work. We've been on a mission to find the perfect pink penny tile for a little girl's bathroom floor. I think we're almost there.

On Friday night, we went to a show at BAM in my old Fort Greene neighborhood. We went to see Dr. John in collaboration with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. We've always been fans of the Black Keys but now have a new appreciation for Dr. John. Plus, I've solidified my love for big bands. The more people on stage the better!

Saturday night, someone had the bright idea to do a 5th Avenue bar tour in Park Slope. We started at Bar Reis at 6th Street and ordered in some poutine from the nearby Corner Burger to hold us over until dinner. 

Our next stop was Smith's Tavern at 9th Street for some dirt cheap beers. This place is definitely a neighborhood establishment.

Our stomachs got the best of us, so we skipped over Fifth Estate and headed straight for Der Kommissar at 15th Street. There were six or seven of us at that point, so we decided to go crazy and order their family style sampler which gets you everything on the menu. We should probably cut back our sausage intake for a while but it was totally worth it :) 

Our next stop was Buttermilk Bar at 16th Street. After a botched attempt at Pac Man, we kicked back with a few Miller High Lifes and Kurt and I planned some travels for the fall. Doesn't Nashville in October sound lovely?

After Buttermilk, we stopped in (new) Freddy's at 17th Street but I was tired and freezing (anytime, Spring, really), so we quickly called it a night and headed home.

On Sunday, Jenn put together a lovely potluck called FEASTER complete with egg dying, tons of delicious food, and gorgeous sunshine in the backyard. I think I may have even gotten some color! Hooray!

Oh my. I get full just looking at this plate of food. It was all so good. Well, maybe except for the grilled chicken heart I tried. Not my favorite part of the meal.

I was lacking food inspiration when planning my Feaster contribution, so instead I brought jelly beans (most of which ended up in Kurt's backyard) and punch. I made a variation of summer beer and good Lord It has a lot of booze in it! I hope everyone enjoyed :)

This masterpiece is a strawberry meringue cake that Jenn created. It was as delicious as it is gorgeous. That girl sure knows her way around desserts!

After all that yummy food, we were all about to fall deeply into a food coma. Instead, a walk around the neighborhood was in order to soak in the last bit of sun. We peeked on the progress at a new beer garden nearby. We've been waiting for it's opening forever! I can envision lots of summer afternoons spent in that courtyard.

Other big news from the weekend? I got word that I passed my first ARE! Construction Documents and Services down, only six more to go :) Woo hoo!


  1. This all looks like a blast! I'm going to see Dr. John at BAM this week - so excited!

  2. It was a big week!

    Highlight for me was grilling that pork shoulder all afternoon on Sunday. That feast was amazing!

  3. You packed A LOT in! Adding Hotel le Bleu and Sai Thai to my list!

    I'm sure picking out tile is really mundane for you, but it looks like so much fun!

  4. You're making me blush:) CONGRATS on you exam!!!!!!!!!


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