Monday, April 2, 2012

mini brooklyn tour

Regardless of the crappy weather this weekend, Jenn and I braved the cold and rain to make a trek through Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope. We only started with a couple points of interest, but before we knew it, we had wandered really far. It's so exciting to explore new places!

(After last week's sorry showing, I was determined to be a good blogger and exhaustively document everything. I hope you aren't overwhelmed by all the pictures!)

I had come across the Lotta Jansdotter Studio and Shop a few weeks ago but hadn't found time to go in yet (even though it is literally 3 blocks from my apartment). They had lots of cute gifts and paper goods in addition to some really great patterned fabrics. Sadly, I didn't have any projects into mind, but I hope to return when I can think of some! I hope they hold workshops and crafting events here. It's so convenient!

My only other plan for the day was to go to the opening of the Momofuku Milk Bar in Carroll Gardens for some cookies (ambitious day, right?).

We had to wait in line forever but it was totally worth it. I got a Corn, Blueberry and Cream, and Compost Cookie (to share, of course!). Mmmm. They are the perfect level of chewy and soft. I can't wait to go back for ice cream in the summer and will eventually try the savory treats too. (Check out their menu here.)

After our cookie fix, we decided to wander down Smith Street and check out a few shops because Jenn was in the market for a new wallet.

Our first stop was Atmosphere.

The shop was filled with beautiful items. They had gorgeous textiles and nicely curated gifts. We were also pleasantly surprised by the prices. Not too expensive! My favorite part of this shop was overhearing a mom ultimately tell her daughters that she couldn't have nice things because they were wild children. Too funny.

Our next stop was By Brooklyn.

The shop carries tons of clothing, jewelry, handbags and accessories, and food stuff which is all crafted in Brooklyn. Next time I am looking for a New York-centric gift, I will most definitely head here instead getting yet another "I heart NY" t-shirt!

Next, we stopped in Refinery. I have a coworker that swears by their handbags but I was smitten with their tunics. My goal in life is to be one of those barefoot hippies that wears flowing tops in great patterns all the time. Luckily, Jenn said they are a really simple pattern to sew. I might have to brush the dust off my machine and finally dive into sewing! 

Jenn finally found a suitable wallet at Mongo.

The store was stuffed to the brim with unique items and an adorable shop keeper. He could tell you a story behind every item you were browsing.

Phew! After all that hard work, Jenn and I needed a break and stopped for mulled wine at the Black Mountain Winehouse. It was such a chilly and wet day that a nice warm beverage definitely hit the spot.

Later that evening, Jenn and I wanted to avoid watching basketball so we went to grab a bite to eat at Bareburger in Park Slope.

I twisted Jenn's arm to order the big beer with me (it's a better cost per ounce value!!).

I wanted to order a veggie burger but Jenn told me that was lame, so, instead, I tried a wild boar burger topped with mozzarella, pineapple, Canadian bacon, fried onions, roasted red peppers, and ranch dressing. OMG. There wasn't a crumb left at the end. So good. If you are looking to branch out from the typical beef burger, they also have turkey, chicken, lamb, elk, bison, and ostrich options with a ton of different topping combinations. 

After our burger and beer binge, Jenn and I headed to 731 to watch the second Final Four basketball game. Ohio State put up a courageous fight couldn't quite pull out a win over Kansas even though they were ahead for the majority of the game. Keep your heads high, Buckeyes! You can't win them all. Look on the bright is only a few months away! :)

Thanks for the fun day, Jenn! Let's do this more often!


  1. Despite it being a day I would normally huddle at home, it was an excellent day. I also need to think about my next project and go back to Lotta for some new fabrics.

  2. Yay for Brooklyn! I need to check out some of these stores - they all look awesome!


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