Monday, May 7, 2012

week in review and the glass house

Big news this week: Jenn is going to work at my office! My firm has been really busy lately and is getting a few big projects in, so my bosses asked me if I knew of anyone looking for a job. Et voila! Jenn starts in a couple weeks and I couldn't be happier! It will be nice to have a confidante, fellow happy hour planner, and lunch buddy in the office :) I hope she doesn't get tired of me!

Although the rest was less exciting, the week was pretty jam packed. Does anyone watch Girls? Andrea has been lovely enough to host us at her apartment for a bi-weekly viewing night (the rest of us are too cheap to get cable or, in my case, even a tv). This week we watched Veep and Girls. They were both absolutely hilarious! I definitely recommend checking them out if you are lucky enough to have HBO.

On May Day, there was an Occupy Wall Street march down 5th Avenue in from of my office. 

Jenn had her interview on Wednesday, so I planned on meeting her afterwards for a drink. While killing time I went shopping and got some great deals! I scored a cute shirt ($10) and capris ($13) at H&M and a great skirt ($16) at my new favorite store, Joe Fresh. Once I locked my credit card away, I met Jenn to recap the interview at Bak.

Obviously the meeting went well, so I wanted to show Jenn all the awesome food choices around the Union Square area (she currently works near the Empire State Building, a wasteland of restaurants). We landed at Vapiano at 13th and University Place. They have this weird cafeteria style of ordering and paying but the pizza was good. 

Anyplace that has sangria gets high marks in my book too.

At a site meeting for work this week we looked at plaster crown molding samples,

compared wood floor stains,

tested out a shower seat for adequate butt room,

and saw some windows going in! Exciting progress!

My boss and I stopped by another job that is going on in the office but aren't involved with. The clients are a major pain in the ass, but the apartment is shaping up and has some gorgeous details. Love that marble slab backsplash.

On Thursday, I attended an Architecture for Humanity happy hour at the Bentley Prince Showroom.

Graduate interior design students from Pratt were displaying their final projects for the year as well. Their project was to create emergency housing for those displaced by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami last year. During the course of the semester, the students had direct contact with a family living in the current temporary housing. They presented some interesting solutions and touched on some ideas I hadn't considered.

On Friday, Jenn and I attended the Architecture League's First Friday event at Ennead Architects. They have this really enormous, two level office that was great for a party.

The food all seemed to have an orange theme. There was cheese, carrots, Doritos, clementines, and other snacks spread around the office for our enjoyment.

I love me some Cheetos, so Jenn and I parked at this bowl for a while. There were several of these huge bowls around the office. I have no idea what they were going to do with the leftovers!

There was one nice employee who left a couple bowls of sweets on his desk too. Thanks, Adam!

Jenn and I hung out at the happy hour for a while but then coerced Christian to meet at Marshall Stack in the Lower East Side for a drink. We toasted to Jenn's new job and a couple beers later decided to go dancing! One of our favorite spots was just around the corner, so we popped in to see what the Darkroom had to offer. The crowd was a little thin and a bit......younger than I remember. I'm typically the young one when we go out and I even felt old being there. What is happening?! It was strange. Regardless, the music was pretty good so we enjoyed ourselves. I think we need to find a new dance spot though!

Jenn, Christian and I had been planning a trip to the Glass House for several months. (Well, Jenn did most of the planning. I was just along for the ride :) ) The weekend finally came, so we loaded ourselves and our bikes onto the train to New Canaan, CT.

The town's main street was right near the train station, so we grabbed some lunch at Chicken Joe's before heading to our tour. Some other patrons convinced us to try the "cones" which are fried bits of mashed potatoes. It was all pretty meh. New England needs to import some Southerners to show them how to do fried chicken right :)

We met at the visitors center and were bused to the site where our adorable, elderly tour guide took us to the house and several other buildings on the property.

Me in my super fashionable lanyard :)

I think the thing I love most about Connecticut is their stone walls. Gorgeous.

The house in all its glory. I was so happy we got to go inside and poke around. It's really a fascinating place. I would have loved to see it when Philip Johnson was just hanging out or hosting a cocktail party there. 

The gang. We've been quite the explorers lately!

I had always imagined the Glass House being in a remote field with nothing in sight. It's actually on a decently trafficked road and nearby other buildings designed by the same architect. Here it is right next to the Brick House.

Our tour also took us through the Painting Gallery and the Sculpture Gallery.

At the tail end of the tour we stopped in Da Monsta too.

We thought we would need our bikes more but the town ended up being a lot more convenient than predicted. Since we brought them anyway, we took a short ride around the New Canaan area. We found a really pretty cemetery and rode through, looking for the oldest tombstones we could find.

I think we found early 1800s somewhere. It was a gorgeous and peaceful place. 

Please note Christian's "Cinco de Mayo scarf". He only breaks it out one day a year :) 

After our ride, we found a restaurant to get some drinks and watch the Kentucky Derby. With Cinco de Mayo and the horse race falling on the same day, we had to represent with margaritas and mint juleps. We all picked three horses and my picks got first and second place! Way to go I'll Have Another and Bodemeister! Too bad I didn't put any money on them!

New Canaan was a cute little town but definitely very snooty. I've never seen so many boutiques on one street selling the same kind of yacht wear. Eventually we decided to head back to NYC to really celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

I love Grand Central. I so rarely go there but it is always breathtaking. 

Once safely back in our beloved city, we rode over to Williamsburg/Greenpoint for tacos. (After two bridges in one day, my out of shape biking legs were screaming for a break.) We had some food and beers at El Loco Burrito before deciding it had been a long day (long two days!) and we all headed home to crash. Great trip guys!

After a busy week, I decided to be lazy on Sunday. I did a little studying, painted my nails, and got some groceries. It was such a gorgeous day (and those have been in short supply lately) so I went on a bike ride to the Dekalb Market in search of severely overdue birthday presents.

It's such a fun place! All these vendors are housed in shipping containers where you can shop and eat. There is a small garden and the site recently got its liquor license so you can wander around with a beer while you peruse! I can't wait to go back with friends :)

Other big news: Kurt is back stateside! I can't wait to see him and hear all about his trip. I will be a little upset that he is going to be super tan and I am still transparently pale, but I will try to overlook it. I'm selfless like that :) Hopefully I can get that guest post out of him soon too so you all can see some amazing images from New Zealand and Samoa!

Have a great week!

P.S. - I've been obsessed with this song by Gotye all week. The video is ok but the song has been playing in my head nonstop!


  1. I fear you will be tired of me long before I am of you! And I definitely want to go to Dekalb Market

  2. Ooh, Dekalb Market looks so awesome! I've never seen pictures of it before, so thanks for posting! I can't wait to make it over!

  3. you're always taking advantage of nyc - i love it! that glass house looks surreal and i love the idea of the vendors in little sheds.

  4. Hey there melissa!
    I'm also obsessed with that song by Gotye. You MUST watch this video... I think it's better :)

  5. Lovely babe! Let`s follow each other!


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