Monday, July 2, 2012

i want to be outside

That seems to be my goal for the entire summer. It makes sense because I have a distaste for air conditioning and refuse to own one (cheapness may have something to do with it) so my apartment get stuffy on these 90+ degree days. Bonus points for rooftops.

On Thursday, Jenn and I went to a happy hour with some engineers she used to work with at her old firm.

We went to the Rare View rooftop bar in Chelsea. Awesome skyline vantage point!

Then we made our way back to Brooklyn for the opening night of Greenwood Park right in Kurt's neighborhood. Remember when we peeked in at Easter? We've been waiting so long for this place to open!

Yay! We're so glad it is open! There is tons of outdoor space, including bocce courts. I've got high aspirations for this place the rest of the summer. I have a feeling we're going to be regulars.

Summer Fridays are a wonderful thing. Monday through Friday I don't think it is so fun working 9 hours a day, but come Friday, that half day flies by and I am onto happy before you know it! Sangria at City Tavern seen here.

Kurt's friends that live in Hoboken (remember our visit to see them?) had never been to the Brooklyn Brewery, so Kurt put together a little outing for Friday evening. I was excited to see that the brewery is on the next block of this new Wythe Hotel I've been hearing all about.

Kurt and I both get out early on Friday, so we got there early to stand in line at the brewery because the tables fill up quick. And there is just something satisfying about being first in line somewhere :)

I'm a huge fan of their Gold Standard now. I've never seen it at a store or bar but hope to soon. It's not too sweet or heavy or bitter. Perfect! 

We ordered in some pizza from Fornino which is always delicious.

We stayed at the brewery for a while but then decided we should show Scot and Kelly more of Williamsburg because they rarely get over there. I suggested we try the rooftop bar at that hotel right down the street called The Ides.

The views were awesome and the whole place was gorgeous! We had to wait in line in the lobby for a few minutes before heading up but it was totally worth it.

While I think the bar needs to work out a few kinks still (it took forever to get a drink!) we had a great time hanging out on the roof. The people watching is always entertaining in Williamsburg as well. I highly recommend checking it out!

On Saturday, I buckled down and did some studying. I've been majorly slacking in that department. I guess sitting in a cute cafe with delicious iced coffee and free A/C makes it a little more bearable. 

That evening, some friends wanted to try Pok Pok near the Columbia Waterfront. Apparently everyone else in NYC who read the NY Times article that week also wanted to check it out so there was a super long line.  Instead, we went to our old rooftop standby, Alma. Yummy Mexican food (I'm a huge fan of their salsa!) and beer with that view of Manhattan is always welcome.

After dinner we checked out Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Bark Hot Dogs has a rooftop outpost at the park and sells food, beer, and wine. 

How crazy is that view?!

Apparently I need to get Kurt some hip sunglasses so he blends in with the cool Louisiana kids.

Summer evenings don't get much better than this.

Oh, wait...add ice cream and its damn near perfect.

While riding back towards Park Slope, we took a detour at Van Leeuwan Ice Cream. I tried the cinnamon with caramel sauce. It was definitely delicious but seemed more like an Autumn flavor. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't go with the Strawberry! I guess I will just have to go back soon. :)

Somehow we found our way back to Greenwood Park that evening. Two times in three days. Like I said: regulars.

On Sunday, I did some catching up and then met Jenn and Andrea for a drink at Dekalb Market. It was kind of sleepy while we were there but it was nice to hang out in the sun with a good cup of sangria. Sadly, the vendors are getting the boot soon because a developer is going to build on the lot. Check it out before it's gone!

AND I turned 26-1/2 this weekend! It's really not a holiday I celebrate, but since January is such a dismal month to have a birthday and I obviously love summer a lot more, it only seems natural to give my half birthday a nod. I forced  asked Kurt to make me dinner and we shared this lovely bottle of wine he brought back all the way from New Zealand. Thanks, Kurt!

While the boys were making dinner, a new couple were moving into the top floor of Kurt's building. I was being nosy and offered to help, and ended up roping in Kurt, Erik, Will, and Jenn as well. It's amazing how fast a move goes when you've got 5 extra sets of hands helping :) The new people seem really nice and I hope to see them around more often!

Have a great week! Any big Fourth of July plans?!


  1. I've been loving the Wythe! It's such a great addition to the neighborhood - and you can't beat that view!

  2. i wish there were more rooftop places in charleston, it seems magical


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