Monday, July 16, 2012

ride away to rockaway

Last Saturday, Jenn, Kurt and I rode our bikes out to Rockaway Beach for a day in the sand. I was a dummy and didn't ask how long the trek actually was even though I was assured it was "really easy" multiple times. 16 miles later (each way!) on the hottest day of the year, my amateur cycling legs wanted to give up and take a cab home.

But the ocean as a destination is pretty awesome. I was a sweaty disgusting mess when we arrived, so a quick dip in the ocean was in order. The water was chilly and I'm a big baby, so getting in is always a slow process. As you can see, the beach was packed. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the sand. I was a walking sunscreen advertisement and didn't get burned one bit. I was a little disappointed I didn't get more sun but will settle for not being a lobster all week. Maybe I will look into a little lower SPF next time...

Continuing my string of dummy moves, I didn't eat breakfast before our eternally long ride and was famished once we reached the beach. Kurt and I shared some nachos and a Bolivian empanada-type dish.

Yeah, I use an Auburn koozie as my camera case. No big deal :)

And of course the best way to finish off the afternoon is with a beer.

Here, Jenn and Kurt are practicing their double high fives. Obviously I can barely manage to take a photo with one hand on the bike.

Reluctantly (or maybe that was just me), we climbed on our bikes to head home. After an already long day, the ride back was exhausting. I wasn't such a happy camper at the end of it all. But, hey! I rode 32+ miles and got to go to the beach. I'll call that an accomplished day :) Check me out on that bridge! (Thanks for the photo, Jenn!)

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  1. 32 MILES!!! WOOHOO!

    Fun day at the beach, the water felt great after that ride!


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