Monday, July 23, 2012


Pardon the lack of posting lately. I was trying to be a good student and study for my latest architecture exam.  I took my fourth this Saturday and need to keep on a good study schedule to get all seven in before the end of the year!

After my Saturday morning exam, I met up with Jenn and Pilar for a celebratory/relief-it's-over lunch at Flipster's complete with boozy shakes.

Sadly, Erin and Paul are leaving NYC soon and hosted their final barbecue in their killer Fort Greene backyard. (I was impressed by the array of bicycles in their parking area.) Kurt and I couldn't stay long because we were entertaining his parents who came in town for the weekend. Erin and Paul splurged on a keg, so it pained us to leave early! 

Instead, I got to spend the evening in Staten Island with the Martig clan :) Here are 3/4 of them on the ferry over.

We arrived just in time to see the Staten Island Yankees take on the Brooklyn Cyclones. Can you believe all the seats were sold out?! Minor league baseball, people!! Luckily, we grabbed some standing room tickets and squatted in peoples' seats. No one ever asked us to move!

We briefly watched the game but were more interested in the sunset. We stuck around a couple hours until our dinner reservations at Enoteca Maria. Kurt took me there a couple years ago for my birthday and we ended up ordering half a sheep's head! We were pretty tame with our ordering this time but have plans to go back with adventurous friends :) The food is always delicious and very Italian. 

{thanks to Kurt for several of these images. i've taken to raiding his camera lately! he's quite the photographer!}

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