Wednesday, July 25, 2012

silvia's garden

A couple Sunday's ago, Kurt, Gui, and I rode our bikes down to Brighton Beach to visit the community garden Silvia has been in charge of at Kingsborough Community College. She works through Project Eats who then sells the produce to local restaurants and engages with the community about urban agriculture.

There had been some sort of composting event earlier in the day with Erik and Grow NYC, but we were fashionably late and missed it. That's ok with me. I like the idea of compost and happy that it's catching on here in the city and all, but I'm not exactly dying to roll around in a pile of it :)

Nice work!

What the school lacks in location, it's makes up by having a beach on campus. We didn't stay long because duty called back in our corner of Brooklyn--only long enough for me to reconsider my choice of university for one of a more coastal variety. Sigh. Maybe in my next lifetime :)

It was great to see what Silvia has been working on and catch up since she had been gone from NYC for a while. I hope to see more of her soon, especially if she brings us fresh veggies from the garden! Hint, hint :)

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