Thursday, July 26, 2012

storm king road trip

Since Kurt's parents were in town last weekend sans dogs (if you know me, you know I love dogs but those pups are kind of high maintenance), we tried to brainstorm fun things to do outside the city. Kurt and I have been wanting to visit Storm King Art Center for a while, and since his parents always drive in from Ohio, we could get there without having to rent a car.

Half the fun for me is getting to ride in a car. My walking/biking/train riding existence doesn't often lend itself to riding in cars but I do love staring out the window and taking it all in.

The sculpture park is about an hour away once you get outside the city and drive through a bit of suburban wasteland. Once we arrived and parked the motor home (oh yeah, I said it) a nice gentleman picked us up on his golf cart and took us to the trolley that drives you around the park.

We rode around a while, listening to a recording tell about the different pieces of art you passed. Eventually we disembarked and took in the rest of the park on foot. I would have loved to bike around but their rentals are a little steep, and they don't allow you to bring your own bicycle.

Kurt, Erik, and I lost the parents eventually as we wandered and took lots of pictures. One of our favorite pieces was a stacked stone wall by Andy Goldsworthy. The Wavefield by Maya Lin was really interesting as well. The park was gorgeous and enormous and we had great weather for ambling around the grounds.

The Visitors Center housed a few pieces of interior sculpture and photography. During my last year of college, I took a class trip to Marfa, Texas. Whether I love everything Donald Judd did or not, his work will always hold a special place in my heart.

Glanced at the art but loved this room :)

Towards the end of our visit, hunger set in and our art viewing devolved into O-H-I-O-ing with the art. We're determined to make it on the website again! I think that last one is a winner!

I'm pretty sure Kurt's parents didn't love the art, but hopefully they enjoyed being outside on such a lovely day :) Regardless, us "kids" had a blast. I would highly recommend a trip to Storm King if you are in the NYC area. It's right near some awesome outlet shopping too! If you're into that sort of thing.... :)

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  1. Looks incredible and otherworldly! I've always wanted to go!


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