Tuesday, July 10, 2012

when tuesday = friday

Last week since (pretty much) everyone had the Fourth of July off work, Kurt organized a trip down to Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook to celebrate the midweek break. Conveniently, Rocky's offers half price pizzas on Tuesdays if you ride your bike. The pitchers of beer are cheap and led to a few (too many) rounds of flip cup. Apparently I spent too much time studying in college and didn't work hard enough honing my flipping skills because I was by far the weakest link on my team. Regardless, it was a blast and we got hang out on a rooftop and enjoy each other's company. You can't really complain about that.


  1. midweek breaks rock!
    and i just love your photos!

  2. Hmm...thought you might go with the more hipster-themed: TUESDAY IS THE NEW FRIDAY headline... ;-)

    I went to a large state university in the midwest. Flip-cup was a major.


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