Friday, August 31, 2012

central park summer stage

I didn't go to near as many concerts this summer as I would have liked (not a single one in Prospect Park!) but we did make it to one a couple weeks ago in Central Park. I'm normally a fan of sitting comfortably in the grass with a picnic (usually with some inconspicuous wine), but this time we opted to actually purchase tickets to see The Lumineers and Old Crow Medicine Show (sorry opening band that went on before I could get out of work!) at the Central Park Summer Stage.

The bands were fun and the music was good, but I remembered why I don't absolutely love concerts. I'm hopelessly short and always seem to end up behind seven feet tall people. They often tend to be rude and smoke cigarettes and just generally damper my concert going experience. Anyway, the venue was great and everyone had a festive time enjoying the tunes. If you didn't mind standing in line for a bit, the food and drink options were good too (although as per usual, pretty pricey). 

I know being at a concert is all about being close to the action and everyone is trying to get a glimpse of the musicians, but I'm happily satisfied with a comfortable distance. Maybe next time I'll stick to my picnic blanket. Or maybe you'll find me in the back on the bleachers with all the grandmas :)

Check out this video Kurt took during the concert!


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