Tuesday, August 28, 2012

raleigh: day one

Poor little neglected blog...where has the summer gone?! As Labor Day and the end of summer approaches, I'm home to visit my parents in Alabama for a few days. I'm hoping to climb out of the blogging hole I'm in!

Several weeks ago, Kurt and I travelled to Raleigh to visit Jen and Joey (and Gracie and Baby Fante in the oven!). It was quite a journey to get there, but we had such a blast while we were there.

My only real request of things to see in Raleigh was Furbish Studio.

Sadly, the shop owner, famed Jamie Meares, was out of town, so I didn't get to meet her :( But the shop was great! I'm inspired to inject more pattern in my life!

We had a delicious lunch at Centro.

Local beer!

Walk around downtown

Beers at Natty Greene's 

Thanks for the great pictures, Jen! I've got a little bit of camera envy...

After dragging poor Jen and Joey all over town, we settled in at their adorable house for the evening, watched some Olympics, ordered pizza from Lilly's in Five Points, and spent some quality time with Gracie pup while a summer storm rolled through. Stay tuned for another day touring around NC!


  1. awww yay!! you + Kurt did such a good job capturing the little pieces of Raleigh that we explored! The pics are awesome! Can't wait for the rest of our backyard makeover so that it starts to look less like the untamed jungle that it has become!! :) Can't wait to see your recap of day 2! hope you are enjoying your time away back in Bama!

  2. The heat was BLISTERING!!!

    That was a great evening of hanging out, drinking beers and watching a storm roll in.


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