Wednesday, August 29, 2012

raleigh: day two

Even though Kurt and I were only Raleigh for a couple days, we established a little morning routine. I would go for a run around Downtown (great way to cover some ground and site see, although a little hillier than I would have liked) and then Kurt and I would walk to a nearby cafe and grab a cup of coffee.

One day we walked to Five Points to the Third Place Coffee House. We passed by the super cute Rialto Theater. They serve beer and wine! My kind of movie experience :)

Kurt found a ride he could not resist. I hope we didn't disturb too many people's Sunday Brunch.

Cute Five Points

We took a car ride with my favorite yellow lab around the NC State campus.

They are getting a swanky new library.

Farmers market!

Kurt advised Jen and Joey on some planting for their backyard. They are still awaiting a formal planting plan, ahem, Kurt....

We had lunch at the Player's Retreat.

Puppy love!

I had to fit in some NC barbecue during the visit before a hike around campus.

See Gracie in the middle?! Kurt is a fast with the trigger!

After our campus tour, we met up with some of Jen and Joey's friends for Goodberry ice cream. Kurt made a special friend with Henry who was obsessed with the beard. Kurt's a natural, right? :)

After a long day of stuffing our faces with food, we just had to fit in a light dinner at Mellow Mushroom which is just a short walk from the Fante homestead. Always a fun place!

Thanks so much for hosting us, J + J! We had a blast in Raleigh but hope we didn't tire you out too much! I can't wait to see all the big changes when Baby Fante arrives! 

{So many images thanks to Kurt! I really can't keep track of them anymore!}

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