Tuesday, September 4, 2012

beauty | fashion night

A couple weeks ago, Jenn, Christine, and I attended a fashion and beauty night at the Limelight Shops

Check out the Limelight's history. The building has been through quite a few incarnations, starting as a church then a nightclub and now a collection of shops.

We weren't too interested in the shopping part of the evening but are always game for free drinks and beauty treatments. We were a little timid about trying out the different stations but quickly got over it and dove right in!

We had our nails done...

...then our makeup...

...and finally got our hair done! The stylist was chatting with me and asked how often I blow dry my hair. I honestly couldn't remember! So pathetic. Having it done felt so glamorous but I am way too lazy to do that everyday.

Sadly, I had to run home and pack, so we didn't go out on the town to show off our fancy new looks. However, I shared a train ride home with this lovely tree. I would say that makes for a good night, right?

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