Tuesday, September 11, 2012

lakefront bocce and the journey home

(Last Ohio post! I promise!) While visting Kurt's parents in Ohio, we had a fun dinner out in the nearby town of Lisbon at the Guilford Lake Grille. It was a quiet Sunday evening, so we practically had the entire place to ourselves. Oh, did I mention they have several huge bocce courts in the back? We had a blast. It's going to have to be a regular occurrence when we visit from now on.

We got a great table on the front deck with a view of the lake and sunset. Summer, I miss you already!

After a decent dinner (the place isn't known for their incredible cuisine) we got down to business on the bocce courts. We played USA (Kurt's parents and me) vs. Italy (Kurt, Claudio, and Manuela) and the rivalry was intense. 

The score was neck and neck for a while, but thanks to some great shots by Kurt's dad, we finally pulled ahead and won by several points! Go USA! It must really sting that we beat you at your own sport, eh, Italy? :)

The next morning, Kurt, Claudio, Manuela, and I loaded up in a rental car (after a group picture of course, those blurs are Opal and Oxford). The plan was to drive me to the airport in Pittsburgh and the rest of them were making it a road trip back to NYC. We hit some traffic on the way to the airport and would have been cutting it close to making my flight. One of my greatest fears in life is to be called over the loud speaker at an airport, so I decided my life would be less stressful if I just tagged along on the road trip. (I never do irresponsible things like this! Thankfully the flight was super cheap!)

First stop on a legitimate road trip is a greasy diner breakfast.

Check! What reasonable establishment serves you an omelet, hashbrowns, toast, and a muffin?! My cholesterol went up a few points but it was delicious.

Our next stop was in State College, home of Penn State University.

We took a quick walk down their main strip and had lunch.

However, the main attraction in State College is the Berkey Creamery. It's part of the Food Sciences Department and they make the most amazing ice cream.

I ordered Espresso Fudge Pie. It was divine. As an ice cream lover, I am ashamed to say that I could not finish the entire thing--not that I didn't try! The rest of the ride to Brooklyn was spent uncomfortably full...but gluttonously happy. Travelling is rough sometimes :)

And finally we returned to my beloved city. How I missed the bridges and the skyscrapers. Thanks for being champion chauffeur, Kurt! He drove the entire 420+ miles without so much as a complaint. That deserves some applause.


  1. Nice post! I think that ball blurring past all of the others is probably one of my errant shots... I tried hard to rally Team Italia, but it wasn't enough, my pops is an ace.

    Without the stop-off in State College I would without hesitation declare I-80 through PA the worst drive ever...that po-dunk college town with incredible ice cream saves it.


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