Friday, September 7, 2012


A few weekends ago, Kurt and I traveled back to the Buckeye State, where of course they sell Ohio State coolers at the drug store, and of course we had to purchase one. Kurt hadn't been home in a year, so we did lots of visiting with friends and family and enjoying what the Midwest has to offer.

After getting in town from Pittsburgh, we stopped to meet one of Kurt's old friends at BB Rooners' outside deck. I had my first Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, a light, refreshing beer that tastes like lemonade. Good summer drink.

Kurt's friend that lives in Salem is redoing a bathroom in his house, so we had to stop by and deliver our two cents on the design. I would have tried to dissuade him from the urinal, but it's apparently been his dream forever and he already purchased I think it's going to look great! Other than that one questionable, bachelor pad chic fixture choice, I would say he had a great start on tiles and finishes. I can't wait to see the progress! 

In case you hadn't heard, BIG things are happening in Ohio's beer world. Everyone is over the moon about the arrival of Yuengling. 

I mean ecstatic.

Kurt's parents have an older chocolate lab, Oxford, and a young, yellow lab pup, Opal. The entire time we were at the house, Opal wanted nothing other than to have you throw a stick or frisbee for her to catch. She was relentless! I don't know where she gets the energy, but I can assure you she slept a lot better those few days we were visiting. She has gotten to be an awesome catch though! {action shot thanks to Kurt!}

Kurt's parents were gracious enough to host a small cookout with some friends once Claudio and Manuela arrived. We ate tons of great food, including lots of delicious veggies from their garden.

No cookout is complete without an Eagle Scout approved campfire, something we never get to have in Brooklyn! I am the first person to say I love summer and dutifully endure its hot, sweaty days, but I will say I sometimes enjoy a bit of chill in the evening air when you can throw on a sweatshirt and hang out by the fire. I'm trying to embrace it more since fall is surely on its way!

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  1. Nice recap of that Saturday. It was love at first site with those coolers!


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