Wednesday, October 24, 2012

final ode to bbp

Brooklyn Bridge Park had to be one of my favorite locations of the summer. Sadly, I didn't do a lot of lounging on the grass but I did bike and run through frequently. Most out of town visitors got a tour, and we all know I logged quite a few hours at Pier 6. There were some Auburn friends in town the other weekend visiting from Boston and Texas, so I was ecstatic that our weather cooperated (it was gorgeous!) and I was able to take them through the fun DUMBO experience.

After Kurt gave a short description of the new park and piers, we strolled by the carousel. It was the first time I had seen it, and the Jean Nouvel enclosure, up close. 

In the course of the afternoon, I think we saw four separate wedding parties taking photos at the park. It must have been a photographic day!

Brooklyn Bridge + Tobacco Warehouse 

A Sunday in Brooklyn with tourists is not complete without a trip to the Smorgasburg. I hope they were sufficiently impressed by the NYC food scene. I spent much of the afternoon deciding between a Dough donut and everything else the market had to offer.

Finally, Kurt and I decided on wares from the Milk Truck. He was virtuous and chose a tea/lemonade concoction while I went with a decadent vanilla milkshake. It was excellent but I am still dreaming of one of those donuts. One of these days Dough and I will get together.

Once the out of towners hit the road, Kurt and I joined Will at the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar to soak in more of the unseasonable warm day in the park. I can't believe we hadn't been here all summer! It has a great view of the park and bridge but is still nestled in the trees for some seclusion.

Then of course we had to take one final trip to Pier 6 which is now finally closed for the season :(

I will miss you skyline.

And I will miss you sunset. Spring can't come soon enough!


  1. I guess you're leaving it to me to give history on the carousel? ;-)

    It was made in Philadelphia in 1922 and until 1984 it lived in Youngstown, Ohio at Idora Park.,_Youngstown

    It was a fun summer of BBP, more specifically on Pier 6!

  2. I saw Dough on a food network show! Eat one for me when you go!

  3. I saw Dough on a food network show! Eat one for me when you go!


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