Tuesday, October 16, 2012

k+p got hitched, day two

The day of the Keely and Patrick's wedding was jam packed with activities. In the morning we were celebrating Jen, a new momma-to-be, and her bun in the oven at a lovely baby shower.

What a gorgeous group of architecture ladies! I loved Jen's dress! Maternity wear is looking good these days.

We ate tons of yummy food baked by our wonderful hostesses (you can't just help but feeling fancy when eating a petit four, right?) and watched Jen open lots of baby goods. I thought this would be deathly boring, but there were some fun games to help pass the time and those of us oblivious to babies chatted in the back of the room. So happy we could send Jen and Joey off into parenthood slightly prepared! Good luck, you guys!

While the girls were at the baby shower, Kurt and some other boyfriends/husbands went to get lunch at Saw's BBQ near downtown. 

I'm pretty jealous. The food sounds delicious and it was quite a popular place. When we met the boys there later, the line was out the door!

Kurt had grits topped with collard greens topped with pulled pork and finished off with onion rings. Wow. That's really all I can say about that.

After a quick pregame gathering at Jessica's apartment (she is such the hostess!), we all rushed to the ceremony (these things never start on time anyway, right?) at the Avondale Park Amphitheater. Luckily, we just missed some rain and had a perfectly dry celebration.

Keely looked gorgeous. I still can't get over how lovely her dress was.

The bridesmaids were able to choose their own dresses. Keely only specified a navy dress and nude shoes. Love how laid back she is! The ceremony was short and sweet and then it was time to party!

Please note Kurt's outfit. We spent the entire week before the wedding trying to find him a good blazer. I'm a crazy person and this is the third jacket I made him buy. The winner ended up being from Zara and I love the elbow patches (as modeled in Kurt's Heisman pose on the right). On the left you can see Kurt checking his football scores the moment the ceremony was over. Thankfully Ohio State won their game that day. I don't think Kurt would have ever forgiven me for making him miss a big game for some silly wedding :)

Parents-to-be Jen and Joey! Another awesome maternity dress.

I always feel dumb asking people will you take my picture? but now Kurt and I have shockingly few photos together, so I'm getting over the embarrassment. 

I'm glad we went to so much trouble finding Kurt a jacket because you can see how quickly it came off after the ceremony :) I love my dress from ModCloth. I need to come up with more occasions to wear it!

The reception was right down the street at the trifecta of our brewery tour, the Avondale Brewing Company. I love that we could walk there!

You can't go wrong with an old brick building, globe lights, and paper lanterns. Gorgeous and simple.

The food was great and the brewery's own beers were excellent. They are deceivingly strong though! Beware. I always end up with a too-much-fun-the-night-before hangover the next day. No fun!

The sweets were excellent too. K+P opted to forgo a traditional cake in exchange for a table full of Baby Bites. Delicious!

After lots of fun drinking, eating, and dancing, Keely and Patrick were on their way! They made their getaway in the brewery's limo. Such a hilarious ride. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you two!

*Last but not least, I had the honor of meeting Erin, an avid blog follower and fellow Auburn architecture grad (War Eagle!), while in Birmingham through mutual friends. I'm sorry we only got to have a quick drive by hello. Next time I am in town we will have to chat a bit longer! Thanks so much for reading!!!*


  1. Hi Erin! Nice to meet you. Sadly my pic came out really blurry...I'd like to check out Urban Studio when we visit Bham next time.

    Hey, I'd like some photo credits here! That's a pretty good shot I snapped of Keely with her father.

    The Pork 'n Greens was honestly one of the tastiest things I've ever had. Too bad it sits like a brick!

    Go Bucks.

  2. Your avid reader here --love, love, love your blog! Kudos to Kurt for some great photos of Bham as well! I'm sad we could only say hello in passing, but keep up the good work with the blogging and hopefully we can all hang out in the future. For the time being, I'll just keep living the NYC/Brooklyn life vicariously through your blog! So many things I can't wait to see & do in NYC!


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