Tuesday, October 9, 2012

recent things, compliments of instagram

Sorry for the radio silence lately. It's been busy around these parts. When I wasn't running around town or travelling, I was trying to be a good student in preparation for my Structures exam. Of the five exams (out of seven) I've taken so far, this one definitely threw me for a loop. As you can see, Aubie was exhausted by all the studying as well. I finally worked up the nerve to take the test last Friday and it was tough! I treated myself to a beer lunch afterwards and started the waiting game. Cross your fingers I passed!

A few weekends ago, Kurt, Christian, and I took a break from college football and went to a soccer game in New Jersey. The Columbus Crew were taking on the New York Red Bulls in a less than exciting game. Maybe I'm biased, but soccer is kind of boring, so I don't think I will be making the trek to Jersey again anytime soon. I'm glad the boys had fun though! 

Someone stole my bike wheel! It was a very sad day to find my wheel-less bike on the street where I lock it. It was the rear wheel and included some extra gear related pieces which made it a tad more expensive to replace, but I've finally got it back in riding condition. It's getting chilly around here, so I need to fit in as much riding while I still can!

Kurt, Christian, and I saw Grizzly Bear perform at Radio City Music Hall recently. It was a pretty amazing show in an always incredible venue. While I love their albums, Grizzly Bear was so much better live. I'm in love with their new album!

New iPhone! Don't jump to conclusions, I'm not tech-y enough to get the new 5. This is merely a 4 to replace my ancient 3GS. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the new phone or the fancy new cover I ordered!

Madison Square Eats is back in our lunchtime regimen! The outdoor food market is always a fun weekday break from my typical brown bag lunch. I enjoyed a lobster BLT from the Red Hook Lobster Pound. delicious! I hope we go a lot before its over on October 19th!

Several weeks ago, Kurt and I went to an Apartment Therapy Design Evening with a presentation from dhd architecture and interior design. Their office is actually in Kurt's building and David Howell is old friends with Kurt's boss. I must have had a little too much wine and accidentally left my wallet! Thankfully someone from picked it up and passed it on to the organizers. On the bright side, I got to visit the Apartment Therapy office the next day to retrieve the wallet. It looks like such a fun place to work!

Brooklyn was gorgeous during September. The cool and sunny weather has been perfect for long runs on the weekend. I'm trying to increase my mileage for a certain long race next spring. Let's hope I don't kill my knees before then!

And almost a month later, here is a blurry shot of the 9/11 lights as seen from my Gowanus apartment roof. Hard to believe its been 11 years!

Thanks, instagram for helping me catch up! Follow me at @melgraveline!  


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