Tuesday, October 23, 2012

west point, new york

A couple Saturdays ago, Kurt planned a trip up to West Point, NY to see an Army football game against Kent State. Christian, Will, and I joined him on the short bus ride upstate to the campus nestled on the banks of the Hudson River. All I read about on the blogosphere these days is pumpkin patches this and apple picking that, so it was good to get out the city on a fall weekend and see what all the fuss is about. Too bad the trees weren't quite ready to change colors for us just yet.

All Army games start at noon, so were just in time to see the cadets march into the stadium. They make up the Army "student section" in the stadium. Quite a bit more unified than I remember my college days!

Now, I will admit, I'm a bit of a gameday snob. I mean, I don't like to brag, but Auburn has a pretty killer stadium experience. We fly an eagle, for starters. We also regularly have fly overs by fighter jets and every fan knows the words to our cheers and fight songs. That said, I was blown away by Army parachuting team! About five or six men and women landed in the stadium right before kickoff. One jumper delivered the game ball...

...and another brought in the American flag. It was so impressive and the crowd absolutely loved it! (Check out a video of their decent captured by Kurt!)

This one's for you, Mom. Not a horse but a cute mule!

View from our seats way up! The game wasn't all that interesting so it didn't really matter where we sat. It was a great vantage point to see the whole stadium though.

While they don't serve alcohol in the stadium, Army has "Black Knights Alley" just outside the stadium where you can pass in and out of the game and have a beer or two. After halftime we hung out here for a while admiring the view on the waterfront. 

After the game (Army lost to Kent State 17-31, by the way), we had some time to kill before catching our bus back to the city, so we took a stroll around campus.

It's a pretty weird place. The campus is pretty but, as expected, quite militaristic. I can't imagine going to such a strict school that lacks that fun college atmosphere. Good for the kids that go there. I lack the discipline obviously!

Pretty killer views though!

The trip up to West Point was super easy and cheap. I would highly suggest it to any NYC'ers out there. And if you are interested in outlet shopping, I hear there is a joint bus package that includes West Point and Woodbury Commons. Let me know if you want to go back! I need a shopping fix!


  1. I can't imagine going to a strict military school either... I'm so thankful for my laid-back college experience!

  2. Just uploaded this video of the paratroopers: http://youtu.be/ohKJqk_gp08

    It was a nice day-trip up there. The game wasn't very exciting at all, but I'm happy Kent State won...they're having their best season since 1972!


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