Monday, November 26, 2012

madison/chicago: part one

Photo dump from when Kurt and I visited Madison,Wisconsin and Chicago! Enjoy!

1. Taking off from NYC
2. Dinner at the Carlyle Brewing Co. in Rockford, Illinois
3. Madison has a bikeshare! These New Yorkers are jealous.
4. View of downtown across Monona Lake
6-9. Kurt and Justin touring around town and campus
10. Wisconsin State Capitol

11. Orpheum Theatre on State Street
12. Poor Ohio always gets picked on :(
13. Kurt and I in front of Abe Lincoln. Kurt climbed up on his lap!
14-15. University of Wisconsin campus
16-19. Capital Tap Haus. We were there at like 11am. Kurt did two flights. I fully support beer cheese soup.
20-22. State Street
23. S2 Pizzabar. Lovely folks. They gifted us a free pie.

24. Kurt and Justin heading into the stadium for the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game!
25. A little stadium contraband. They finished the entire bottle. Hooray for (sort of) boys' weekend!
26. Gametime!
27. Gorgeous sunset. Too bad it was at like 5pm.
28. Two happy boys. They won! In overtime!
29. Empty Wisconsin seats
30. Brett and I got our nails done at the Alan Koa Spa while the boys watched the game. The most expensive manicure I've ever had but a very serene, lovely experience. I'm loving the color: Ski Teal We Drop from OPI.
31. Brett and I did some shopping and wandered around town. I got some great Christmas presents!
32. Salted caramel cocoa cheesecake and lattes were a nice break while we waited for the boys to finish with the game.
33. Dinner at The Old Fashioned. We shared some family style platters and local beers. I think we tasted everything Wisconsin has to offer and it was fabulous. 

A little more Wisconsin and Chicago coming soon! Thanks to Kurt for so many of these images!


  1. Love photo dumps....why not me sitting on Abe's lap?!

    Great recap anywya of Friday and Saturday. Saturday was a big day! Big win. My first game with Urbz!!!!!

  2. These photos are great! I have never been to Madison but the architecture on some of those buildings is amazing! Glad you had a great time!

  3. LOVE THIS. I've never been there either, but now I want to go!

    My favorites are the beer sampler pic and the sunset. GORGEOUS!!!!! :)


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