Friday, November 30, 2012

man cave: accessories

This is my last post about the garage renovation for a while, I promise. Hopefully, I can convince my parents to buy some furniture and allow me to unleash some DIY projects on the space to make the room more livable and fun to hang out in. The final issue to address is all the bare walls and shelves. Let's clutter it up!

Let me begin by saying I love everything Urban Grace Interiors does. If I lived in Florida, I would love to work there. And they're Auburn grads! War Eagle! I cannot get over the game room they did for the 2012 Coastal Living Beach House. I'm absolutely terrible at pool and would love to get a cover for the table that makes it table tennis ready. Not sure I can convince my parents of the stripes but I love them! I'm determined to fill one wall with those ping pong paddles too. Such a fun idea!

Now those shelves. My dad did a great job building them and they will house the TV nicely but I have no idea what else is going there. I guess we can round up some books from the rest of the house but filling them up is going to be a struggle. The Gravelines are going to need a crash course in decorative objects.

I love how the masterminds at Young House Love painted the back of the bookcase a bold color. The objects really pop and the shelves seem full without being packed to the brim.

I love how Centsational Girl combined color, books, objects, and pictures.

 Lots of inspiration images from Centsational Girl.

And here are a few other items to fill up the room.

And one more rug option! Kurt and I are taking a mini road trip to Atlanta after Christmas, so I would be more than happy to swing by Ikea and pick this bad boy up for the room.

I can't wait to wrap this room up! I hope to have lots of finished photos for you come 2013!


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