Thursday, November 15, 2012

man cave: furniture

This week I'm helping my parents work through their garage renovation. I did some drawings last year, but now we're changing a few things to better suit their needs. In the original design, I wanted to install a bar complete with built in base cabinets and stone (or similar) countertop. They weren't sure they would use it all that much and and decent countertop material ended up being prohibitively expensive. Instead, we're now considering some free standing furniture pieces. 

I have no idea how much my parents want to spend on this stuff, but knowing them (and the frugal-ness they have instilled in me), I can assume not much. However, it is the first room you see when you enter the house, so it should be half way presentable. My criteria was "one step up from IKEA" (although I think I included one coffee table down there from there). I also wanted to link to images, so most of the stuff I've chosen is from big, national chains like West Elm, Target, World Market, Crate and Barrel etc. We may end up getting things from a local furniture store or scour some flea markets/junk stores for some vintage finds (although I've never had much luck at those in North Alabama). A few things are laughably expensive, but I'm just hoping to get some ideas out there about what is on the market and how much it costs.


For drink serving, food setting, wine and glass storage/display


My mom is going to hate this, but I thought it would be a super utilitarian option for the drinks/food serving need. Some potting benches even have a built in tub for soil. I was thinking you could put ice in it for a party! I like no. 2 because I think you could fit a mini wine cooler on that bottom shelf.


For sitting/hanging out while awaiting your turn at the pool table


For sitting in front of the TV. Cozy arm height required. No. 4 sort of looks like the futon my parents already own and will be inhabiting the room. I would love to own no. 5 (remember, this is my imaginary shopping spree). Dad is going to hate no. 8 but I thought it was adorable, and orange goes great with blue, right? 


For foot and drink resting in the TV area. Round would be nice to counteract all the rectangles in the room.


I was more than happy to suggest a plan sisal rug (no. 8) but my mom said she wants a crazy pattern. Go figure.

Ideas? Favorites? Suggestions? Not so expensive furniture sources? I'm all ears.


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