Tuesday, November 13, 2012

man cave progress!

Test #6 is in the books! I'm so burnt out over all this studying that I find myself doing less each time...and then getting to the test and being dumbfounded at all the information I don't know. The system seems to be working out so far (I don't know how they grade these things), so I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best once again. If all goes as planned, I take #7 sometime in December and will have this whole ARE nonsense wrapped up before the end of 2012. Then I will be a free woman! Or an architect...oh jeez, what am I going to do then?!

Anyway, after my test, I devoted the whole afternoon to working on my parent's garage renovation project. It's hard to believe that it's been just about a year since I submitted my last designs. Well, I surveyed the progress when I was home in August (and I'm just getting around to telling you about it in November). Things are moving along at a snail's Graveline's pace but it's looking pretty good so far. Check out all the hard work my dad has put in! See the "before" images here.

Most importantly, you can see the pool table is in. At least priority number one has been met. Oh, and dad hooked up his stereo so he can listen to his Van Morrison cassettes as loud as he wants :) I think the flooring and all the paneling and paint look great! Since I've been back in NYC, they've supposedly installed some matchstick blinds on the windows and moved a futon out there to make it more of a hang out spot. I guess I need to give them one more tutorial on digital photography, so I can get some visual updates! I'm in the dark here!

Some of the original design elements weren't working for my parents, so they asked for some amendments on window coverings and furniture etc. I moved things around a bit and have some new suggestions and will be sharing them this week. I've decided I have no idea what my parents like, so it was more like imaginary shopping for myself :) Stay tuned!

Update: check out the posts on window treatments, furniture, lighting, and accessories.


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