Wednesday, November 14, 2012

man cave: windows

This week I'm helping my parents work through their garage renovation. I did some drawings last year, but now we're changing a few things to better suit their needs. The first reconsideration: window treatments. My dad thought the curtains from my last design were a little too girly. And since we're trying to make this sort of a masculine room, we're moving in a different direction with the window coverings.

Like most functioning garages, the space looks right out onto the driveway, and when the lights are on inside, you can see straight in from the street. Since my parents don't want someone to be too tempted to walk off with their TV and/or pool table, they wanted some visual privacy, especially at night. I haven't seen evidence yet, but supposedly they installed some natural shades (like these) on all the windows and the big French doors.

But the windows are such a great place to interject some pattern in the room! So in addition to the matchstick blinds, my newest scheme is to install upholstered cornice boxes at all the window heads.

I've been seeing lots of DIY tutorials around the blog world, so I'm hoping we can knock it out when I am home for Christmas. Are you ready for a project, Kurt?!

And in the future, if they want to install some curtains, the rod can fit nicely behind the box.

But what fabric?!

Joann 1/2/3/4

Instead of the traditional green or red, my dad opted for blue felt on his pool table (nice choice, pops!), so we're trying to bring navy around the rest of the room as well. I want the fabric to be fun and graphic but not too frilly (zero flowers) which surprisingly limits my choices. Any bold, geometric fabric suggestions?! I'm all ears!


  1. Joann #1 or #2 #2

    I like the little elephants in the one precedent. Roll Damn Aggies! ;-)

  2. the first options in the first two rows and the second in the last row - really like all of them. sounds like a cool room!

  3. I say - spoonflower-1 or Looking great! keep us updated.

  4. I second Laura! Spoonflower 1 or 4 is exactly what I was thinking!

  5. Wow, this is so cool. I love how you are helping design this space! As far as the fabrics go, I like the first one (spoonflower 1) and the last one ( 4).



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