Wednesday, February 20, 2013

westminster kennel club dog show

While preparing this post, I've been singing Lady Gaga's "Boys, Boys, Boys" in my head. However, instead of the regular chorus, I've changed it to "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs". This should give you some indication of my level of crazy (in general but mainly about dogs). I love them. I plan runs through the park based on the max amount of puppies I can see. I'm that girl that awkwardly sticks my hand down as I pass your dog on the sidewalk, so I can pet it nonchalantly. TMI? Anyway, I am counting down the days until it makes sense for me to have a dear sweet pup of my own.

Ever since I moved to NYC, I've wanted to go see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden and this year I finally broke down and got tickets! And dragged Kurt along! Prepare yourself for a photo overload!!!!!

To begin the evening, we went the benching area where they groom and prepare the dogs to hit the stage. I had such high hopes of getting up close and personal with the pups, but it was absolutely slammed. This is where we encountered packs of crazy dog ladies. They are pushy and weird and are moved to tears at the mere sight of their favorite breed. I saw my future and it was scary. 

Look at that crowd! I'm not pushy enough to overcome the crazies and didn't want to mess up anyone's freshly groomed coat, so I didn't pet many dogs, but we did get lots of pictures. Kurt was better at pushing his way into the action than I was, so thanks to him for the good shots.

Boob hair dryer

These dogs have more products and styling tools than I could imagine ever using.

This little guy was one of my favorites!

When the dogs weren't being groomed, they were taking naps. Being cute (and pampered) is hard work!

The groomers were sleepy too.

Then it was almost showtime!

Once in our seats we were able to see the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding groups compete.

This little Affenpinscher won the Best in Show.

I normally like bigger dogs but would take this Boston Terrier home in an instant.

Tank Bulldog

-It's a Chinese Crested, of course.
-So, it's like a dog, right?
[name that movie!]


Long coat Chihuahua

Poodle (can't remember which one...maybe standard?)

Shiba Inu


Silky Terrier

Kurt and me!

So now I've got a bad case of Puppy Fever. I'm not really in the position to get a dog at the moment, but that doesn't stop me from looking. If you know of any hypoallergenic dogs (Labradoodle or Portuguese Water Dog would be great) that need a good home, send them my way!


  1. So fun!! I love all the photos - it actually looks so stressful to be a groomer and participate in this thing, and then the dogs are like napping hah. If you like dog shows, see Best in Show (if you haven't), it's like toddlers and tiaras with dogs. Hilarious movie.

    And my family has a cavapoo - half cavalier king charles and half poodle so they're hypoallergenic (my dad's allergic) and SO friendly. My mom and my dog have a creepy dependent relationship with one another haha

    1. It's so funny that the groomers and the owners are SO serious and intense and then you see the dogs hopping around and playing. They are DOGS, folks. It's refreshing to see that you can't train all the personality out of them.

      I have seen Best of Show but now I think it needs to be rewatched with my new perspective!

      Kurt is allergic, so I am on the hunt for something hypoallergenic. I hear poodle anything is a good bet! Thanks for the tip on the CavaPoo! I know what you mean about dependence too :)

  2. How to lose a guy in 10 days. Love it! Also, I second Best in Show as one of the best movies ever! Hilarious.

    1. It's a highlight of my life to be able to use that How to Lose a Guy reference :)

  3. How to lose a guy in 10 days!! The only chick flick I can get Caleb to watch with me.

    And... on the cool scale of 1-10, you are a 10 for going to dog show!! SO NEAT!! I love the boob hair dryer... thanks for sharing!!

    1. How to Lose a Guy is my fave! Kurt likes it too :)

      The dog show was great! I'm so glad we went!

  4. beyond jealous that you went to this, melissa! i. would. die. amazing!!!

    1. It was great, Shoko! You should go next year!


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