Wednesday, March 27, 2013

thoughts on cooking

I used to be an incessant recipe follower. I was terrified if I didn't measure every single grain of salt exactly, my dish would be ruined. Then I began to realize that even if I followed all the directions to a T, it still might not taste good (earth shattering for my rule following tendencies). Recipe writers are not infallible and sometimes their "delicious" is my "meh". Then there are other times when veering from a strict recipe produces unexpectedly great results (not always, but sometimes). As I've branched out in the kitchen a bit and tried more of this thing called cooking, I've loosened up how I throw things together. Instead of a word-for-word translation of a recipe, I'm trying to view my concoctions as an equation of food (like one of those really complicated calculus ones with unsolvable variables and all). I still don't really love cooking but it does seem less stressful these days. Measuring is so 2008 (except in baking, that is like a science experiment).

Monday, March 25, 2013

night at the museum

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Observant Eye events at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I hadn't been in ages. I convinced Jenn to join me at the museum last Friday after we got out of work a little early. The program was a little different than I had remembered. Our group was large; most of the participants were older (previous sessions had been directed towards young professionals); and we only focused on one piece of art for the entire hour. 

Our talk was focused around Edward Hopper's painting entitled 'Tables for Ladies'. I was a little worried we would be bored of just one piece of art, but I was impressed at how many directions our conversations and discussions took. Our guide encouraged us to view the piece from far away as well as up close. We covered the technical aspects of the painting technique, historical context of the artist, and even our own speculations on the subject matter. It was SO interesting. Plus, I just love that museum, so anytime I get to spend there when it isn't crowded with tourists is incredible. I can't wait to catch more talks this season!

Friday, March 22, 2013

running tunes

Since getting over being sick, preparing for my half marathon has been going pretty well. Thankfully, Jenn has been training with me (until she can resume biking) so I've had some accountability to get up for morning workouts. Mostly, we've been meeting at the gym, running on the treadmill, and watching HGTV to pass the time. However, once it starts getting warmer and I start upping my mileage, I'm going to need hours and hours of good music to keep me motivated while running through the park or around Brooklyn. I tend to lean towards upbeat pop stuff or repetitive sort of techno. Anything that keeps me moving! I've put together a preliminary list of songs I want for my runs, but I need more! I need your help! What are your favorite workout song(s)?

Please leave your music suggestions in the comments. There is no judgement here. The trashier the pop songs the better :) Thanks!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a weekend of eating and drinking

beer table // fish tacos a la kurt

I had a lovely and delicious weekend (even though it's been cold and snowy). Thanks to Dine in Brooklyn, I was able to sample a few new places and eat and drink my way around the city. There was a beer lunch with Jenn on Friday, brunch with the guys, checking out a fancy beer place in Park Slope, a dinner Kurt will brag about for years, warm drinks to thaw us after a chilly parade, and a lovely dinner with Kurt's boss. I'm already looking forward to next weekend!

thanks to Anna for the cute handwriting font!

Monday, March 18, 2013

st. patrick's day parade

I hope you all had a great weekend! On Sunday, Kurt and I braved the freezing cold to watch the Brooklyn St. Patrick's Day Parade as it wove through Park Slope. It was a relatively small parade, but there were plenty of bagpipes, high school bands and flag girls, boy scouts troops, and even an Irish panda. It was a great day to take in some neighborhood action, but I can't wait for warmer activities! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

five random things

It's March and snowing right now, so while the world is already a little crazy, I thought I would have it make sense even less with a random weekend post. I tend to avoid internet trends like a list of "things you might not know about me". They seem like the chain letters of the blog world, and I can honestly never think of anything good to write about. Several weeks ago, my friend Elizabeth tagged me in such a list. There were multiples of eleven and a complicated process and I got overwhelmed and couldn't do it. Then recently, Anna tagged me in a decidedly simpler post requiring only five items. It was still a struggle, I can't guarantee it will be interesting, and I'm counting this as credit for both "tags".

Monday, March 11, 2013

k-town birthdays

I must be on an Asian-culture tour of NYC. After celebrating one birthday in the Chinese section of Queens a few weeks ago, there were a trio of birthdays this past weekend in Koreatown in Manhattan. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

half birthdays

I don't know how it came about, but Kurt and I have taken to celebrating each other's half birthdays. We might not always go out somewhere but typically at least take note of the day or get little gifts for each other. I like that half birthdays are kind of "our thing". On Kurt's real birthday, I have to share him with everyone else who wants to celebrate. There's usually a party and lots of activity. On the other hand, half birthdays fly under the radar and I get Kurt all to myself! Is that selfish?

For Kurt's most recent "halfie" we got a drink and snack after work at Landbrot Bakery in the West Village. We know the architect that did the interior, I had been wanting to try it for a while, AND we had a coupon! No brainer. Kurt took advantage of their happy hour special of a pretzel and beer while I had a glass of wine and a ham, gouda, and apple sandwich. It was all really good. I think Landbrot is more of a bakery, so I would like to go back and try some pastries sometime (with my glass of wine, of course). Kurt requested his own half birthday gift of Powder Magazine. That boy bleeds snow, especially after a week of skiing, so I was more than happy to send a digital subscription his way. 

In case anyone is keeping track, my half birthday will be July 1st and I can guarantee you it will have nothing to do with snow. I'm already dreaming of a beach and a margarita.....sigh.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

campbell apartment | grand central station

Jenn and I work alongside an interior designer who shares office space with us. Recently, she kindly got us on the list for this party thrown by a Swiss fabric company at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central. Station. We sort of had to pretend to be interior designers, but in between lies fibs, we were enamored with the bar's interior. It's a super swanky cocktail lounge that's been restored to its 1920s glamour. Our party was on the balcony, but I would love to go back sometime to order a drink at the bar--even if it means actually paying for something. The Campbell Apartment is such a cool piece of NYC history tucked in the corner of one of the city's most famous landmarks. Oh, New York, you're my favorite.

Monday, March 4, 2013

training begins! (sorta)

Remember goal #1 from my New Year's Resolutions? Well, I registered for that Brooklyn Half Marathon, so I guess it's happening! The race is set for May 18th, so I need to get my butt in gear. I'm loosely following this training program (thanks, Colleen!) which starts your workouts about twelve weeks out from your race date. Coincidentally, my first week of training aligned with getting pneumonia, so needless to say, things aren't going so well already. Before finding out how sick I was, I managed to drag myself to yoga and a 3 mile run which made me feel like I was going to die. I don't recommend running with compromised lungs!

I'm a little worried about being set back before even really beginning, but I hope to get back to 100% health soon and really start hitting the pavement. Any training tips out there?
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