Monday, March 25, 2013

night at the museum

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Observant Eye events at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I hadn't been in ages. I convinced Jenn to join me at the museum last Friday after we got out of work a little early. The program was a little different than I had remembered. Our group was large; most of the participants were older (previous sessions had been directed towards young professionals); and we only focused on one piece of art for the entire hour. 

Our talk was focused around Edward Hopper's painting entitled 'Tables for Ladies'. I was a little worried we would be bored of just one piece of art, but I was impressed at how many directions our conversations and discussions took. Our guide encouraged us to view the piece from far away as well as up close. We covered the technical aspects of the painting technique, historical context of the artist, and even our own speculations on the subject matter. It was SO interesting. Plus, I just love that museum, so anytime I get to spend there when it isn't crowded with tourists is incredible. I can't wait to catch more talks this season!


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