Friday, April 19, 2013

fletcher's brooklyn barbecue


what an animal

the aftermath

Kurt and I just finished watching House of Cards on netflix (you should watch it too!). There are several scenes in the series where the main character visits this hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint in Washington DC for ribs. After it becomes a reoccurring scene, Kurt admits to me that when he sees another person eating ribs, he gets the biggest craving for them. Luckily I live two block from this new barbecue place we've been meaning to try for months.

We hit up Fletcher's on a Sunday night and met our week's quota of meat. I ordered a chopped pork sandwich (a little different from the pulled pork I'm used to) and Kurt got a half rack of ribs. We washed it all down with some cheap beer (who knew Genesee came in glass bottles?!). It was sooo good. All that meat is getting me excited for some warm weather bbq'ing! Neither of us were super hungry, so we passed on sides. Next time I plan on going when I am starving because there are tons of other options I am dying to try. Two kinds of pickles, mac and cheese, something called "burnt ends"? Sign me up!

433 Third Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(347) 763-2680


  1. Oh my word. Those ribs look delicious! I love that serving style, just a simple serving plate with parchment paper or something! Have a great weekend, and hopefully it's warming up in NYC!

    1. The presentation is definitely amazing. Ribs and bbq is just inherently messy. I'm glad they're not trying to make it fancy.

      I hope your weather is getting better in Portland too!

  2. OMG. House of Cards. We loved it too! :)

    1. So good! Kevin Spacey's Southern accent melts me every time :)

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