Friday, April 12, 2013

mulholland hwang at invisible dog

After our latest brunch exploits, Jenn and I stopped by the Invisible Dog Art Center. Jenn had spotted their current exhibit, The Exploded Mind of Mulholland Hwang, over at Poppytalk and suggested we stop by.

The artists had lots of illustrations and dioramas spread throughout the gallery space. I won't claim to understand their complete motivation, but a lot of the pieces theoretically pitted different animal species against each other in battle. In some of the works, they would list strengths and weaknesses of certain animals (like llamas are stubborn, goats are kind of dumb, giraffes are tall (to step over things in battle)). My favorites illustration was probably "Lobsters against Monarchy" which just showed lobsters snapping their claws at a bunch of butterflies. Altogether it was pretty humorous. If I were to ever own some original art, I could see it being something like this.

These last two images are from a different exhibit called Handmade Frames by Ryan Frank. The artist constructed plywood boxes and installed slides looking down a road to the left and to the right. Not my favorite but sort of interesting nonetheless. 

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