Wednesday, April 17, 2013

nate berkus c/o apartment therapy

Jenn and I hit up the latest Apartment Therapy Design Evening last week with featured guest, Nate Berkus. AT has changed up its structure a little. Instead of a completely free evening for about 400 people at ABC Carpet and Home, they've transitioned for a paid rsvp for about 100 people at TriBeCa Cinemas. No more free wine bar only (complete with TriBeCa prices).

As usual, there were a couple opening acts talking about their small design businesses. I think the whole terrarium trend has gotten a little out of control. I was pushed over the edge by Jeffrey Terrariums and his "bespoke" process. On the other hand, I really liked the business model of The Sill that helps New Yorkers incorporate low maintenance, well designed plants into their homes.

Finally, Nate Berkus took the stage for a discussion. They covered his background, his Oprah years, his design philosophies, and his new book. I was really impressed with all Nate's answers and responses. He seemed very intelligent and down to earth. I really liked his idea of design as surrounding yourself with quality things you love gradually instead of catering to trends and rushing to make your space "complete". He was also pretty funny and cracked quite a few jokes with his new fiance in the front row. Adorable.

I can't wait to see who next month's guest is!

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