Wednesday, June 26, 2013

apartment plan(s)

Our apartment! Here is the plan in all it's less-than-500-square-feet glory! We've been living there for a little over a month and a half, and I can honestly say I love it. The space is small, and we are still trying to get everything organized and put away, but it's really a great apartment. The location is incredible, and our neighbors are so nice (Aubie already got some gifts from the cats on the second floor!). 

However, I am amazed at how slowly things are coming together...which is partially why I have been hesitant to share anything. When I've lived on my own, I would just get it done as quickly as possible, even if that required some late nights, multiple trips to every store imaginable, and entering into intense DIY mode. But now I think the process of combining our stuff and trying to make decisions together has slowed the pace a bit. At first it drove me crazy, but now I am trying to look at it as investment in the space (of time and money). This apartment doesn't feel as transient as the former ones, so I want to get it right. I'm trying to make decisions that can work well for us in the long run and saving up to purchase some pieces we'll really love. Sadly, this means there won't be a rapid fire succession of before/after posts that I love. I'm hoping to get all the things we already own up on the walls or put away in closets and then slowly acquire the rest along the way. No rush...or so I try to tell myself!

What I do have are PLANS! Ideas! Dreams! Aspirations! Over the next couple weeks I will share our progress and where I would like each room to head in the coming months. Summer has the tendency to be crazy busy, but I'm hoping to fit in a little bit of work/shopping when I can. Send good vibes and organizational ideas my way. Real photos to come soon! (Remind yourself of the empty apartment before we moved in here.)


  1. I can't wait to see photos. I love the layout! I hate to say it but our new place is 2300 sf. Just a tad bigger...But like you said, we are taking it slow too.

  2. I totally get that. It's hard making decisions on things that you want to be an investment for a while. Especially when you are making those decisions with someone else! Looking forward to hear about your plans for your place :)

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