Friday, June 7, 2013

#nycdonuttour @ the donut pub

Happy Friday (and coincidentally National Doughnut Day)! Let's talk treats!

Have you heard, donuts are a thing now? Cupcakes are out. Delicious fried rings of dough are in. So I have this brilliant plan to scour the city for all the best donut options. For my first stop on the #nycdonuttour, I enlisted the help of Jenn to check out The Donut Pub.

This was a real old school option on 14th Street in Manhattan. The interior has a very 'been here for 40 years', diner vibe and the clientele seemed like regulars. Jenn and I were debating our donut options and a lovely customer told me I must get the Boston Creme. It was the perfect decision.


Obviously, I'm hoping to make this a regular series. Maybe I will come up with some fancy rating system, but I find it hard to be very objective when chocolate, creme filling, sugar, and dough come into play. I'm probably just going to say they are all amazing. Stay tuned! It should be fun!

203 West 14th Street (at 7th Avenue)


  1. YUM. Love the donut pub. Now I'm hungry! :)

  2. Hands down my favorite donuts in NYC are from Peter Pan in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I have been going there for years, and they are amazing! Make a trip Saturday or Sunday morning and sit at the counter. Fresh trays of hot donuts come out throughout the morning- you can order as you eat and try lots of flavors! The sour cream glazed old fashioned donut and the red velvet are my favorites. Their Bavarian creams are also amazing. My second choice is Doughnut Plant in the LES. The peanut butter doughnuts are delicious!


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