Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Summer (or almost summer) weekends are the best. By the time Monday rolls around, I am already looking forwards to the next one. I feel like Kurt and I are past the big hurdles of settling into our apartment (which I promise, promise, promise to share soon!), so now our weekends can be a mixture of minor projects and other fun activities.

We finally made it to the Barclays Center for a concert and were very excited to finally see the swanky interior. 

We bought tickets months ago to see The Postal Service. It's been ten years since they released their album and it is still as good as ever. 

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, so I took a long run to Brooklyn Bridge Park. There were people lounging on the lawns, kayaks floating on the river, and tons of families filling the tables in the barbecue area. I can't wait to spend some time there!

Kurt and I borrowed a car to run some errands this weekend, so of course we made a trip to a nearby beer distributor to stock up on supplies. 

Speaking of beer, we made a dent in our Beer Book coupons this weekend by taking a bike ride to Bushwick for some day to night drinking. We hardly ever make it out to that way but it was fun to do some exploring. The neighborhood is definitely a little rough around the edges but has some interesting pockets of activity.

We hit Mama Joy's, Brooklyn Fire Proof, and had delusions of eating at Roberta's (2 hour wait wasn't going to work!).

We happened upon free hamburgers at Alaska, had a final beer at duckduck, and stopped at Hot Bird for a late night snack from Little Brother BBQ. Quite a long night. Sleeping in is also a lovely part of these weekends...

Kurt and I had goals to be productive on Sunday, so we got up and visited our favorite cafe in the neighborhood, Dub Pies.

Once fully caffeinated, we made one more trip to Ikea. I feel like we are here on a weekly basis. Our secret weapon is going semi-early on Sunday morning to beat the crowds, so it's never too miserable.

I worked on a home improvement project which I hope to share in the near future. But until then, here is a teaser of my mess in the foyer. Note to self: get a new hacksaw blade. It felt like I was cutting that wood with a nail file. Worked on some arm muscles at least!

And finally, Kurt made a delicious Sunday Supper of mushroom risotto. Honestly, I hit the jackpot by finding a guy that cooks. I have a feeling all my apartment cleaning and decorating will never quite make up for all the good meals I am in for :) I try though!

Sigh. Is it Friday yet? I'm ready to do it all over again.

p.s. - My 3 year 'blogiversary' was yesterday! Woo hoo! This Gravytrain is still going strong!


  1. "There were people lounging on the lawns, kayaks floating on the river, and tons of families filling the tables in the barbecue area"
    ^Bloomberg's New York City.

    Still no love for the tarragon in the risotto?! That was the key ingredient.

    Wow, congrats on 3 years of great bogging...would love to see more of my pics around these parts...

  2. Oh, IKEA. We moved into our apartment seven months ago, and I think we only JUST stopped going every three weeks. The lure is strong, but so is the desire to avoid when I remember the floor arrow that

  3. These type of weekends are why I adore NYC. Seriously. So much variety and great things to do.


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