Friday, July 19, 2013

on the road to...charleston!

{image via}

Kurt and I are lucky enough to travel a lot. Most of the times, there are short weekend trips outside the city, visiting family in Ohio or Alabama, joining friends for weddings, and unfortunately sometimes heading home for more sad occasions. However, we don't often take completely gratuitous, no agenda vacations. And this weekend it's finally happening! I've been dying to go to Charleston for years. The city seems so lovely and scenic and the beach is thisclose. Sounds like my idea of perfection. I'm looking forward to wandering the historic streets, shopping at cute Southern boutiques, and taking bike rides along the water--all interspersed with good food and drink along the way, of course. I've got a long list of things to see and do but I'm trying to keep things casual and relaxed. We're planning a quick day trip to Savannah as well, so Kurt gets his full dose of Southern charm :)

My love for Charleston has undoubtedly sprung from all the gorgeous photos I see floating around on the blogs. Here are a few of my sources for planning/obsessing:

If you've got any last minute tips, feel free to pass them my way! And follow along on Instagram @melgraveline and @kurtmartig !


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